It is not difficult to find Wantan mee around us here in Malaysia. Most food court would haveat least one or more stalls selling this noodle. There is several versions of Wantan mee mostly based on the differences in different states. In Melaka, there is this famous Wantan mee without black oyster sauce. Ideally the black sauce gives a bit of its flavouring along with the colouring which makes the noodle looking a lot more delicious. This mainly is the Malaysian style Wantan mee. In Hong Kong and China, Wantan mee is commonly served in soup with wantan and some vegetables. Wantan is usually wrapped with prawn filling although some like to prepare it with minced pork.


So I was told that this stall by the street sells really good Wantan mee. One without the dark soy sauce in it. It was not hard to locate as seats are distributed long the street next to the Wantan mee stall. So, there would be many people crowding the stall waiting to take away the noodle while others waited patiently at their seats.


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Also there is this saying about this Chinese thing egg noodle that the texture remains the same up to after few hours. That’s good news for Wantan mee lovers. At least we don’t have to worry if the noodle is going to turn soft and mushy when packed home. So I did a little experiment ordering one packet to take away. Noodle was then left inside package for almost about an hour before I started eating the noodle.Apparently the texture is still amazingly pretty bouncy and not soft and mushy. It also has a unique flavor compared to common wantan mee. Also, the char siew slices is juicy and generous in portion.


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Only MYR 3 for a bowl, it is definitely a real satisfaction especially to have it during the night. Note that the stall opens at about 8pm at night, till about 11pm. Because the stall is on its own by the roadside, ambience and cleanliness would be a great issue. Locate the stall with GPS at approximate location at longitude:102.24938 and Latitude :2.19944.






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