My first Buka Puasa this year was with food from none other than our very own Pasar Ramadan. During the fasting month each year, we look forward to the Ramadan market where there is assorted variety of halal food. This is also in my opinion the best places to get authentic Malay food that is not overpriced and delicious at the same time. Having said that, it is not advisable to immediately over stuff yourself with too much food during the break fast.


The awesome part about these bazzars are the variety of those good food, as well as the affordable and reasonable prices. Not to mention how it was really fun and happening to see so many people of all races gather at one place to enjoy what we like so much about being a Malaysian. I was at Shaz’s new place and he bought quite a few variety for the ‘buka puasa’ from the Subang Pasar Ramadan. We have those lovely Samosa for starters and Briyani rice and Rendang which wasn’t that great but palatable for our main.


1.@Subang Jaya Ramadan Bazar (5)
2.@Subang Jaya Ramadan Bazar
3.@Subang Jaya Ramadan Bazar (4)


We also got ourselves chicken, which I would say serves the protein in our meal. And to be very honest, the meal was really unhealthy because there weren’t any greens or leaves at all.


4.@Subang Jaya Ramadan Bazar (6)


Having said that, I enjoy the Satay so very much.


5.@Subang Jaya Ramadan Bazar (3)


And don’t forget some lovely desserts. Because pasar Ramadan normally sells really fresh food, most of have pretty decent quality. The fruit tarts were really fresh.


@Subang Jaya Ramadan Bazar (2)


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