Malaysians are blessed with so much good food around us. From the streets, to the bazaars, to restaurants and cafes, and don’t forget our five star dining cuisines. It slowly comes to the point where creativity and ideas becomes important if the merchants want to stand out from the rest. Some play with the concept, some offer discounts. Others offer live shows and some utilises the resource of Mother Nature. There is coffee in nursery, restaurants on sky deck, cafes on hill top and the classic riverside restaurants. This one is pretty cliché since it actually is called the RiverSide.


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The view and the ambience are too bad. If you happen to visit on a great day with amazing weather, then the dining experience becomes rather enjoyable and relaxing. The river isn’t really pleasant smelling, but it was weirdly natural. So I secretly sickly liked it! Once every fifth teen minutes or so, there would be a cruiser so you can hear the river splashes and that is a pretty sight on a bright sunny day.


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There is some other nice stuff when it hits dusk. The sight was beautiful and approaching dark, when the lights are up, you see something that would remind you of Princess Jasmine’s castle in Aladdin. LOL.




The food might not be amazingly delicious but for those reasonable prices and such perfect location, I supposed it wasn’t too bad of a place to go when you want something slightly different if not extraordinary. The Wild Mushroom Soupstarter already caught my attention with the generous amount, and some real chunks of mushrooms in it. Served with a bread stick, it made quite an impressive starter.


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The mains have got quite an array of varieties from chops, to grills and pan fried to pastas and steaks. The Riverside Fish and Chips deserves some praising with the fresh plump size deep fried fish fillet with batter. The dish is served with coleslaw, french fries and tartar sauce. With a squeeze of lemon, the fish tasted succulently fresh and juicy.


6.Riverside Fish and Chips – Deep fried fish fillet with batter served with coleslaw French fries and tartar sauce@ riverside (1)
7.Riverside Fish and Chips – Deep fried fish fillet with batter served with coleslaw French fries and tartar sauce@ riverside (2)


As for the poultry, they’ve got some exquisite choices as well as simple favourites of all time offered on the menu. Going for the Grilled chicken with Florentine sauce was quite an experience but I have had better Florentine sauces elsewhere. Nonetheless, served with garden vegetable and mashed potatoes by the side, it is worth the money you pay for.


8.Grilled chicken with Florentine sauce -served with garden vegetable and mashed potatoes @ riverside (1)


As a matter of fact, the dishes on the menu are not expensive at all.


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Lastly, the Country style spaghetti which tasted somewhat similar to the thick mushroom sauce for pasta lovers. The spaghetti is stir fried with shredded chicken and wild mushroom sauce. That somewhat reminded me of their mushroom soup. Only thicker and creamier.


10.Country style spaghetti-stir fried with shredded chicken and wild mushroom sauce@ river side


The drinks menu didn’t manage to impress anyone as the menu didn’t offer anything too interesting. I think they want to keep it as simple as possible.


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If you are like me, then the varieties of drinks wouldn’t quite matter that much. Their dessert is palatable anyway. Enjoy the long and complete meal from starter right up to dessert with pretty sights and views from the river side is what I recommend.


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The River Side is located at;
G-10, Heritage Village, The Heritage,
Jalan SB Dagang Seri Kembangan,
Malaysia, 43300.
Opening Hours: 4pm -1am (Mon – Fri),

Phone: +60123477878


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