The past two months has been an endless gastronomy voyage to lots and lots of steamboats and Satay Celup. As promised, there is more to come. If you recall my post on the Halal Satay Celup , you would remember how I mentioned them serving the skewers cooked in pots of soup. Somewhat like the Lok Lok in KL. And apparently there is no such thing as Lok Lok in Melaka.


This time around in Puchong, this Steamboat/lok lok buffet restaurant serves both at the same time. Not impossible and as the matter of fact, it was quite a brilliant fun to present it to the dinners.


1.@zenga buffet (2)


First stop, like most steamboat restaurant, this place has got an array of seafood, vegetables and noodles to choose from. Since this is buffet, my advice is not over stuffed yourself.


2.@zenga buffet (20)
2.1@zenga buffet (39)
2.2@zenga buffet (15)


And while waiting for your ingredients to be done in the boiling pot, there are a few dishes you can pick from the buffet selection as appetisers. There are fried noodles and fried rice as well.


3.@zenga buffet (24)


Apparently those fried prawns and chicken wings weren’t too creative as they were battered with the same flour mixture hence tasting rather similar in some way.


4.@zenga buffet (5)
5.@zenga buffet (6)


I think this is pretty much inspired by the famous Taiwanese street snack as they also serve hot chilli pepper powder. Tasted somewhat like one of those Taiwanese chicken chop by the street.


5.2@zenga buffet (7)


The meal comes with an array of sauces as well. Apparently, the culture of steamboat which originated from Hong Kong and China is authentically consumed with clear soup and dipping sauces. When localised in Malaysia, we have all sorts of sauces accustomed to suit the palate of the locals.


6.@zenga buffet (35)


Apart from the those steamboat ingredients, there is something for those not desirable for steamboat. They have all sorts of grill dishes. There is seafood selection of lala, sting ray, prawn, and squid as well as chicken, lamb etc for meat lovers. Somewhat similar like the Jogoya Buffet style where you pick the clips from respective basket which represents the dishes you wish to order and later when is ready, would be delivered to your table. Watch out, cause the clips to order your dish gets wipe out real fast.


7. zenga
8.@zenga buffet (8)
9.@zenga buffet (50)


In case you are already wondering where are all the ‘balls’ as they are normally favourite ingredients to most steamboat restaurants, they have all been transferred into Lok lok. In another words, your ‘balls’ definitely won’t go missing in the pot of boiling soup. The skewers made things easy.


10.@zenga buffet (18)


This kind of reminded me a bit on the Halal Satay Celup in Melaka. Steamboat with skewers. And here in Zenga, the ingredients were pretty fresh too.


11.@zenga buffet (16)
12.@zenga buffet (17)


Also, I got no issue with the cleanliness of the ingredients as they are all placed in fridge.


18.@zenga buffet (41)
There is only one choice type of soup which they called it the clear soup. It somewhat tasted a bit of herbs in it.


13.@zenga buffet (46)


So we basically have buffet dishes, steamboat, and lok lok, all served under one roof.


14.@zenga buffet (33)


If that alone isn’t quite satisfying still, then see what they’ve got to offer daily with their daily Thong Sui (sweet soup) of which in this case is the Hong Tau Sa, which is somewhat palatable.


15.@zenga buffet (9)
16.@zenga buffet (47)


Apart from that, there is the dessert corner which is amazingly serving lots of fancy stuffs to cater for all. There are few selections of drinks and beverages but there is nothing too fancy.


18.@zenga buffet (28)
19.@zenga buffet (14)
19.1@zenga buffet


There is popsicles too, but I bet the kids would be the only one delighted with this. I know if I want a ‘split’, I’ll just get them from the nearest 7-e.


20.@zenga buffet (38)


The shop is rater packed, and each person pays RM 34.90. You can choose to sit outdoor but you might not be too happy with the temperature as the natural breeze would probably be the only cooling factor for outdoor dinners.


21.@zenga buffet (2621)
22.@zenga buffet (32)


Note that they are currently doing promotion so adults eat at RM 29.90 each.


Zenga Buffet is located at:
No.35, Jalan Kenari 12,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
41700 Puchong
Tel: 03-8070 3890

Opens :Tues-Sunday (6pm-12am)


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Love, Sycokies



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    • sycookies

      Goodness, I’m sorry but I do not have any other number. They have probably changed it. Perhaps you could try contacting them on facebook. Or better get it from the TM directory 103. Good luck. And thanks for reading 🙂

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