Restaurant Yut Kee, famous for their pork dishes and awesome Kopitiam beverages is always pack and filled with cheerful and happening noises of people of all ages. Shortlisted in Time Out KL Food Awards 2012 for best Chinese and best cheap eats the Yut kee coffee shop offers great food at very affordable price. My recent visit was really pleasant and enjoyable if there haven’t been too much people. Located along Jalan Dang Wangi by the road side, getting a car park would be a great challenge.


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By feet, it would be simpler and easier to just park at the back of the shop and walk. The coffee shop is one of those shop lots from the older buildings. Back in those days, shops were really narrow and long.


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Upon entering the shop, I immediately fell in love with those tiny little tiles on the floor before shockingly starred for a few seconds at the crowd.


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It doesn’t take long before being seated and what seemed to be a tiny little stuffy space is in contrarily cooling. That could be due to the impressively airy layout of the shop.


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The shop sells simple menu, with not so much of a variety to offer. However, the few that is offered is already good enough to satisfy regular customers.


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During breakfast of tea break, half boiled egg and steamed or toasted bread with butter and kayais the most common dishes. And they do it with charcoal grill.


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Kopi (coffee) is the best drink to order and I am not surprised when I almost also ordered one even though I rarely drink coffee. The coffee aroma filled the entire shop whenever a breeze comes along.


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I really enjoy looking at these old school coffee and tea cups. Not to mention how those beverages are being prepared and brewed in mass amount.




The drink menu is also listed neatly on a huge white board hanging on the wall.


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I didn’t go with coffee but instead, I went with my all time favourite when visiting a kopitiam, the amazing Teh-C at RM 2 and freshly bake Swiss roll.




Speaking of cakes, Yut Kee also sells amazing cake slices. Many of them take away those cakes in boxes as well. The butter cake is fluffily filled with thick butter and egg fragrant.




Those cakes are also baked in mass production so you definitely get one that is freshly baked when you order one.


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The kitchen is filled with amazing aroma of sauces, fried noodles, and the grilling fragrant of those meats.


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With those fragrant and aroma filling the air, I patiently wait till my orders are up and it didn’t take too long before I get to start eating them. The meals are nicely prepared with the perfect amount in quantity, but not too perfect combination from the nutrition pyramid. The chops are all served with very little vegetables. The Chicken Chop and Pork Chopare done in the same way with the same brown sauce spread over the dish.


18.Chicken chop@yut kee (18)
Pork Chop RM 10@yut kee (22)
19. Pork Chop RM 10@yut kee (19)


The dishes are all reasonably priced and those chops were only selling at RM 10. For Lamb Chop, the dish easily fulfills lamb crave at RM 13.


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Also selling hot is the noodle dishes. The Chicken Curry Noodle, Fried Tong Fun (glass noddle) , Fried Hokkien Mee were all palatable and definitely very home cooked style.


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Also, check out the seasonings on the table. Pretty rare for coffee shops to have a bottle of Lea & perrins.
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The servings weren’t too big, so be prepare to order something else when finished the first order. I recommend the Roti Babi at RM 8. This is a French toast look-a-like dish with shredded pork in it.


Roti Babi RM 8 @ yut kee
23.Roti Babi RM 8 @ yut kee (3)


End the meal with any ice drinks while enjoying every vintage collection and preservation of older furniture.


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Lastly don’t forget to get some of those Duan Wu dumplings for take away only.


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The place is great for quick meals and because the menu is not at a great variety of choices, every dish is prepared with incredibly fresh ingredients.


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Yut kee Restaurant is located at:
35, Jalan Dang Wangi
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-26988108
Opens daily (except Monday): 8 am to 5pm.


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  1. Quay Po Cooks

    It has been ages I did not go to Yut Kee for food. The owner is a good friend of my late husband’s sister. Looks like biz there is still very good and they still maintain the quality of their food. Must drop by one day to say hello to the Jack.

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