Having published the Eat and Drink Melaka 4: Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball in previous post, the next ‘Eat and Drink’ chapter will be more Chicken rice ball in Melaka. In the previous post, I briefly summarized the history and origin of authentic Hainanese Chicken rice ball, of how it came about as well as some saying of why it is done as such. I would not be surprise when some people tell me how they dislike the texture of those rice balls. Some probably dislike the mushy texture but having said that, not all restaurants that is selling chicken rice balls in Melaka would have those textures. My preference is abit more to those rice balls that are less mushy, but yet not too hard so there shouldn’t be any extra effort when swallowing the rice. At the same time, I think the rice must still have the grain texture while immensely infused with aroma and fragrant of all the herbs, spices and chicken stock.


1.@mlk chicken rice ball a famosa (10)


And like I’ve mentioned in previous post (Eat and Drink Melaka 4: Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball ) most shops sell more than just chicken and chicken rice for they would have the need to cater to tourist and the locals. Here they have things like the roasted pork and honey glazed bbq pork which disappointingly doesn’t quite meet the essential standard of the dish.


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3.@mlk chicken 3.rice ball a famosa


Apart from the usual Steamed Taugeh and Braised egg are also available from the menu. The eggs weren’t all that impressive and the pepper must be FOC for the restaurant as the beansprout is munificently coated with pepper. The beansprout was good on its own without too much of the seasoning.


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I can further corroborate this place being catered for tourist. Street food like Tauhu bakar and Fried fish balls are also available. Guess it is good because that can save you some travelling time around Melaka city. I still think the best is the Prawn Crackers I had by the street prior to this. You know what they say about the best food are those you get on the streets. Ignoring the hygiene, I guess I might agree to it.


6.@mlk chicken rice ball a famosa (8)


Other evidence would be the Authentic Nyona Cendol which is great for dessert. This is a simple and yet satisfaction guaranteed thirst quencher on a hot day. The gula Melaka is probably the key ingredient to a good cendol and here, they’ve serve generous gula Melaka. Hence the great taste of cendol ice.


7.@mlk chicken rice ball a famosa (2)


Although I can never relate how a chicken rice restaurant is selling those fried fish balls and cendol, but those random dishes seemed to be getting quite good feedbacks judging from how those dishes are on almost every customers’ table. And apart from the rice, I supposed chicken is also important to get the ratings of good chicken rice restaurant.


8.@mlk chicken rice ball a famosa (9)


The steamed white chicken was palatable but those with a heavier palate with liking to stronger seasonings would enjoy their roasted chicken. A thick broth of chicken stock garnished with a sprinkle of spring onions and very well accompanied by signature chicken rice’s chili sauce which uniquely often very distinguishable with the strong flavour of ginger and garlic as well as chicken broth.


9.@mlk chicken rice ball a famosa (6)


The restaurant is provides a good and comfortable dining experience with high ceilings and fans to ensure good ventilation. Having their own parking bays next to the restaurant would be a plus point to the restaurant given its location by the roadside along Jalan Munshi Abdullah, next to a traffic junction. See the map of this restaurant below for directions to the restaurant.


10.@mlk chicken rice ball a famosa (1)


The Farmosa Chicken Rice Ball restaurant is located at :
75100 MELAKA
TEL : +606-286 0122
FAX : +606-288 3354
Website: http://www.melaka.net/famosa/


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7 Replies to “Famosa Chicken Rice Ball (serving more than just chicken rice ball) @ Melaka

  1. Alvin

    Farmosa chicken rice ball shop RACIST. I enter about 8pm on 29Dec 12 and asking if they still accept order,and i order accordinly.About 10 minute later two young chinese couple enter. Their food arrive,but mine never arrive. I call waiter asking my order n why take so long, stupid waiter ask me back what i order. After they checking and comeback say food finish. If finish why they still take my order n why people who coming later than me they can serve. Is this because I dont speak chinese n look like Malay? So dont ever ever go to this place if you dont want to be humilited. maybe they think i dont have enough money to pay my order. Very bad services.

    • sycookies

      Wow, that was a real awful experience. I would be frustrated too if I were you. To be very honest, I prefer the pioneer chicken rice ball shop in Jonker, or their branch at melaka raya. I would always revisit them. But I won’t really go to famosa chicken rice. They are convenient for tourists.
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