Plan b is already getting so much popularity amongst people who indulge themselves in great lifestyle and great ways to enjoy life. The layout and ambience of plan b is indeed relaxing and soothing, very amazingly complimented with the combination of colours, and the interior design to perfectly capture calmness when dining.




The food is somewhat palatable and the entire package of food and ambience is great with the entire perfect aura to capture audiences with gastronomy interests. In almost all restaurants or cafes, a great starter is always the Mushroom soup. Here in plan b, it is not any different and as a matter of fact, the thick texture of mushrooms did perk up the taste bud.


1.Mushroom soup RM 11@ Plan B (1)


For salads, the Soft-Shell Crab Salad is amazingly breath taking with those crunchy green apples, watercress, cucumber and harissa mayo at RM 20. Soft shell crabs have got heavier taste and flavours so those refreshing leaves compliments really well with those mild sweet flavour, as well as the crunchy texture from the apples. Not to forget how those green apples also carry slight sour flavour to the salad.


2.Soft-Shell Crab Salad with crunchy green apples, watercress, cucumber and harissa mayo RM 20 @ Plan B


When not intending to go for heavy meals, the pie would be a great choice at RM 22. Don’t think pies won’t be filling as the Moroccan Lamb Pie hits the palate with a profound Moroccan flavours. On top of that, lambs already have its distinct flavour. It is fragrant with cumin, fresh coriander and cracked pepper, served with a side salad. That makes this dish is substantially filling for a meal.


3.Moroccan Lamb Pie Rm 22@ Plan B (2)
4.Moroccan Lamb Pie Rm 22@ Plan B (3)
5.Moroccan Lamb Pie Rm 22@ Plan B


Other ala carte menu that is commonly favourite choice of most dinners are the pasta choices of which the Carbonara spaghetti also presents some effort in the dish itself. It comes with turkey ham and sautéed mushrooms, tossed in classic creamy sauce, and served with grated cheese on top. It is a pity they are not too generous with the sauce.


6.Carbonara spaghettini with turkey ham and sautéed mushrooms, tossed in classic creamy sauce RM 20@ Plan B (2)


Round up the meal with the popular and tantalizing slice of cake at RM 11. Sweet tooth and dessert lover must not missed this for the Caramel Chocolate Banana cake is amazingly divine. I’ve already concluded my verdict for best combination of ingredient to be banana and chocolate. But this topped the combination with caramel. It’s amazing aroma and sticky thick flavour blends flawlessly with chocolate and banana. Some might find the cake dulcified, so I recommend the hot beverages to go with it.


7.Caramel Chocolate Banana RM 11 @ Plan B (2)


Don’t forget to go with some juice of hot beverage like the Cappuccino which sells at Rm 8. If not, then have some fresh watermelon juice at RM 10 which would be superbly perfect on a hot sunny day.


8.Cappuccino Rm 8 @ plan B
10.watermelon juice RM 10 @ Plan B


But if long breakfasts is ideally your idea to catch up with friends and enjoy some relaxing time to get away from the usual rush hour, then go for the Plan B breakfast at RM 26. Served with two eggs of any style on toast with grilled turkey bacon, a golden hash brown, smoked chicken sausage, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. It comes with fresh orange juice and a choice of coffee or tea.


9.Plan B Breakfast Platter RM 26@ Plan B


Don’t take this as a “plan B” because this place makes a good first choice for palatable meals with great ambience. Plan B is located at:


G5, Ground Floor Bangsar Village 1
No 1, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru 59100 KL
Fax: 03-22872631


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