Suzi’s Corner in Ampang is this hawker stall which draws much attention of expatriates and local dinners. Mainly being well known for their steaks at very affordable price and delicious local delights, the Suzi’s Corner was shortlisted in Best Steak category on the Time Out KL Food Awards in 2011. Also shortlisted in the Best Hawker/Mamak category in year 2010, and ranked number 39 of 1157 KL restaurants in the Tripadvisor’s review. Opens from 5pm -5am, dinner time is always packed with large crowd.



The Steak at Suzi’s corner comes with generous serving of sauce and a standard portion of chips and grilled vegetables on the side. Their steaks would come in sizzling hot plates so a good tip is to order them medium rare so it would be perfectly cooked by the time it cools off. Of course that would depend on your preference.



The thick sauce is briny and smooth so it perfectly blends with the meat or even the vegetable.



Something lighter would be the Chicken Chop where a whole piece of chicken thigh is served with chips and grilled vegetables too. Anything lighter than that would be their omelets. I tried the Salmon Omelets



Also served with chips, the egg is fluffily soft with aroma of salmon and creamy fish texture inside the omelet.



The Soup is not something I would recommend, as they certainly aren’t the best soup I have ever had. Not even within hawker stall’s standard. The soups are rather bland, and every order would come with a bun. The ones used in roti ais krim and served with a small portion of butter which lacks the cream aroma, almost like clarified butter hence deteriorating this combination. Not to mention how it was really dry and bland.



Fan of Lamb chops would be delightfully ordering this and I strongly recommend sharing if you would like a taste of everything. The lamb has got a perfect texture both tender and succulent. Not to mention the usual earthy and distinctive taste of lamb. One either likes it or hates it.



Because there is no air conditioning or cooling towers, and in weather like Malaysia, beer is available but for halal consumers there is the usual mamak beverages available. Trust me when I said you’ll need it.



Moving to the local enchantments, there are roti canai, murtabak, all the goreng dishes, as well as nasi lemak and satay. Of which the Nasi lemak is quite something that would put a smile onto your face when served. Served almost like a combo, there is everything it is in a traditional nasi lemak. The chili is going to enhance every bite of this.



Next is the Satay, available in beef and chicken accompanied by the ketupat rice, and freshly cut cucumber and onions with the satay cause slightly spicy for most expatriates palate. The local crowd doesn’t have any problem dipping substantial clumps of peanut sauce at every bite.



This place serves a lot of food and is very suitable for sharing. Siew Wei and Fd are both sharing the nasi lemak, and on top of that whacking almost everything else. As I always said, great food can come from anywhere and would taste even better when shared amongst loving family and awesome friends.



Suzi’s corner is located at :
Lorong Ulu Kuantan, Ampang, Selangor
Tel: 03-4256 6720
GPS Coordinates: N3 09.524 E101 44.918


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