The ultimate goal in any restaurant is to satisfy dinners with either the dishes, the quality of the ingredients, the exotic choices of ingredients, the dining ambience or/and the great service at the restaurant. At the same time, Japanese restaurant seemed to have been living up to that reputation most of the time. Edo Ichi in Solaris Dutamas is one of the few to name that gives a wonderful dining experience. The restaurant has really dimmed lightings to provice amazingly calm and soothing dining experience. The design and layout of each table are as such whereby it creates a clandestine space of your own when enjoying the dishes.


1.Picture 343
2.Picture 344


Upon seated, the staffs delicately places proper cutleries and hot towel for each person.


3.Picture 357_


My favourite starter has to be the Horenso goma ae. This is a cold dish which of chilled spinach with sesame sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The complex texture of crunchy and refreshing spinach that is at the same time chilled is one interesting juicy bite for starters.


4.Horenso goma ae, chilled spinach with sesame sauce (1)


There are also hot dishes that are amazing as starters. I tried the Chawamushi and assorted mushroom with garlic. Both were delicious and the later would be amazing for mushroom lovers.




I also tried the Baked Scallop which I would order again when I go back. In which I definitely would since I am recently in love with this place.


4.2 IMG-20121129-00048_副本


Moving to hot dishes, the Salmon ara tama jiru is this amazing and affordable bean paste soup with salmon fish head and stirred egg. Selling at only RM 10, enjoy plump and fresh salmon head and the calm texture of hot soup in the cooling ambience of the restaurant.


5.Salmon ara tama jiru, bean paste soup with salmon fish head and stirred egg


For the ladies that is always conscious with their figure and how much calorie intake or if it is fattening and what’s not, then I strongly recommend the Soft kani karaage to shake kawa. This salad topped with deep fried soft shell crab and salmon skin comes with three selections of salad dressings (goma dressing aka sesame sauce, yuzu dressing aka citron sauce, and wasabi dressing aka horse raddish sauce). The fried soft shell crab may not be the best to recommend for someone on a strict diet, but take note the ratio of the salad leaves served in this salad dish.


6.Soft kani karaage to shake kawa, rm 20_副本


Apparently, their sushi choices are rather good as well. Sashimi lovers can try the Rainbow roll which comes as 8 pieces serving of sushi roll with salmon, tuna, crab stick, avocado and cucumber for RM 23.


7.Rainbow roll, sushi roll with salmon, tuna, crab stick, avocado and cucumber (RM 23 for 8pcs)_副本


Another sushi dish that impresses me a lot is the Volcano roll which is sushi roll with assorted fish and special mayo sauce, pilling up to a shape of volcano. Prior to serving, the sauce were burnt to create the volcano lava and enhancing the fragrant of egg in mayo sauce. And when digging into the core of the volcano, that is where you find the sushi rolls. This is sells at RM 23 for 8 pieces of sushi in it.


8.Volcano roll, sushi roll with assorted fish and special mayo sauce
8.1 Volcano roll, sushi roll with assorted fish and special mayo sauce (3)_副本
9.Volcano roll, sushi roll with assorted fish and special mayo sauce (RM 23 for 8pcs)


Also, I really love the Sushi set which was absolutely fantastic that night when I had it. It was really fresh and every slice came with the perfect thickness to accolade the palate.




Edo Ichi is located at :
A4-G-1, Solaris Dutamas,
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-62055228


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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    That looks like a very fair price indeed for the salmon head soup. And the sushi seems very nice too, with thick cuts of fish draped fully over the rice! It’s always good to have Japanese food options that don’t cause us to feel too poor after eating here! 😀

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