The Yuen Steamboat has been around since forever and of course they are namely the first few buffet steamboats that make it big and at the same time bring out the steamboat buffet trend. Thanks to them, the Sunway Mentari has since then started to bloom with steamboat restaurants.


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The line would start sometime during dinner hour and waiting time can sometimes go up to 20 minutes or more. Being a halal restaurant, many of their ingredients are restricted to no pork and hence leaving them with choices of assorted seafood. Seafood lovers would adore this place if you are no fan of processed balls.


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Each type of steamboat ingredients extends an assortment of more than 10 kinds. There is fish balls, meat balls with different fillings in it, minced meat balls, seafood tofu, processed seafood balls like the crab balls, prawn balls, fish balls etc. And all of those branches out to assortment with additional mix of cheese, pepper, otak-otak and much more. Then there are dumplings with various fillings, and the fu chuk along with the Yong Tau Foo ingredients and the assorted vegetables as well. Others like tofu, noodles, egg of different birds, and the variety seafood of many kinds.


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Alas, there are only two types of soup ie the chicken soup or the spicy Tom Yam soup. Both tasted umami, so I don’t normally savour the soup but the steamboat ingredients instead.


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Lastly, something everyone would have already known. Their famous chicken wings which is so popular and highly in demand the chicken wing would finish before the next batch is ready from the kitchen. The cue for the chicken wing is when you hear lots of hustling at the corner where the chicken wings are placed. Juicy and tenderly succulent on the inside and chewy on the outside with the thick and rich honey coating.


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The Yuen steamboat is located at :
32A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6, Mentari Plaza,
Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, 46150,
Operating hours : Lunch: 12 – 3 pm, Dinner: 5 pm – 12 am (Closed On Tuesday)


And like I always said, food is best when shared and here is Nav the loyal sotong fan, and the lovely Evone.


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