Quietly sitting at the top floor of Shaftsbury Square, one wouldn’t imagine the freshness of their ingredients at this hidden gem. Kiraku Japanese Restaurant is located at Cyberjaya, catering their goodies to mostly the perpetual flow of working crowd during lunch time and the nearby community during dinner.


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The glorious of their menu was overwhelming with almost a complete range of classic Japanese favourites, and fusion twist. Starting with Smoked salmon cream cheese (RM 20), the two has always partner well but one can only have this much of these tiny cubes of dense cream cheese.


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Toro Shake Sashimi (RM 40) and Tai Fish Sashimi (RM 50) impressively parades the quality of stocks the restaurant brings in twice a week. The missing Japanese sushi master and Chef is not a shortage to Kiraku, but a spotlight on their talented Chef and kitchen crew. Every cut and slice was neat and precise and beautifully presented.


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Refreshed the palate with fresh lettuce, japanese cucumber, crab stick, avocado, flying fish roe, fresh cut fruits and homemade yogurt in their Yogurt Roll (RM36). Tangy and natural sweetness mildly filled in with light savoury was a joy to consume.


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Solo diners would be happy with their rolls. They were decent and packed with solid ingredients and creative combination. Salmon Sashimi & Tataki Maki (RM 19.90) would give you the variety especially if one has a small appetite.


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When dining in a group, Tofu Kabayaki (RM 15) serves appropriately as communal dish our appetiser. Simple delight of grilled bean curd with sweet sauce showcases nothing but a well paired composition.


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Lamb Miso Yaki (RM 55) is a little more sophisticated with grilled marinated New Zealand lamb rack with sweet and spicy bean paste sauce on sizzling plate while generous green pepper cuts through the gaminess.


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Something more meaty and solid, minus the bones is the Marugo Steak (RM 58) and be prepared to sink your teeth in some lovely texture and awesome freshness.


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Last but not least, Homemade Sesame Creme Brulee and Matcha Creme Brulee (RM 12 each) was amazingly fresh and impressively stunning. Not to be missed and one of the best creme Brulee I’ve ever had. I standby the philosophy of fresh food equals good food; but this one was way better than just good. It has the most pleasant smoothness that’ll melt without much effort in your mouth.


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Wash any grease in between dishes with Green Tea (RM 3.90) or even some booze to go with the meal as the house also serves a good range of alcohol beverage. According to the manager, the key to serving fantastic food is sincerity. And true enough, sincerity is what we tasted.


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Sure it’s a little far from city center but the agony on the road was worth it. My threshold of tolerance is outstanding when food is concerned. Prices maybe a little steep for certain items and there is quite an amount of influences some of the dishes so we sort of get the gem of Japanese cuisine tuned to the local palate, which was great. Starter was good at my dinner and kudos to their fresh preparation.


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Running the place under management of Ikhasas F&b Sdn Bhd, the owner’s love and passion to japanese food is translated into not only the premium selection from the menu but also the premis itself to complete a leisure dining experience. With private rooms to accommodate large crowd or even hosting corporate outing, one would find this a fantastic place.


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For some fresh cut sashimi and pleasant fusion creations, head to Kiraku Japanese Restaurant at:


Cyberjaya P3-25, Shaftsbury Square Persiaran Multimedia,
Cyber 6, 63000
Tel: 03-8318 6003
GPS: 2.923026, 101.661258
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KirakuJapaneseRestaurant


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