Glamorously showcased, this Japanese restaurant offers not only a quiet and comfortable dining ambience but fresh and delicious sashimi and sushi. The finest Japanese dishes are presented on the menu and availability depends heavily on freshness of the ingredients.


1.senjyu bangsar (2)
2.senjyu bangsar (1)


Entering the gastronome journey here with the crunchy Salmon Skin at RM 6. A pleasant crisp and perfect when accompanying this with the Lobster Salad at RM 22.


3.senjyu-Salmon Skin RM 6
4.senjyu-Lobster Salad RM 22 (1)


The Lobster Salad was good yet nothing close to ambrosial. Almost like it is an effortless attempt of simple lettuce, crab stick, cherry tomato, grated carrot and sprinkled ebiko on lobster mayo.


5.senjyu-Lobster Salad RM 22 (2)


Yasai Miso Soup serves to warm the appetite with simple yet divinely combination of assorted vegetables and mushroom.


6.senjyu-Yasai Miso Soup RM 8


When up for some sashimi, Senjyu vouches freshness and valuable exertion of promising slice techniques. Both the Hamachi Sashimi and Salmon Belly Sashimi serves at RM 28 and RM 22 respectively.


7.senjyu-Hamachi Sashimi RM 28 and Salmon Belly Sashimi RM 22


Hokkigai Sushi sells at RM 10 and fan of surf clams would be glad with the freshness of their perfect and evenly sliced clams.


8.senjyu- Hokkigai Sushi RM 10 (1)


Proceed to the heavier and stronger flavour, the maki sushi and the gunkan-maki. Foie Gras and Oyster Maki cost RM 28 and this is amazing when savouring upon it being served. The Deep Fried Maki rolls might have been a little strong hence over powering the freshness of oysters. Foie Gras were not superbly smooth but it was a decent combination.


9.senjyu-Foie Gras and Oyster Maki RM 28 (3)
10.senjyu-Foie Gras and Oyster Maki RM 28 (4)


Gunkan-maki is lovely but nothing divinely memorable. Gunkan means battleship in Japanese and hence the shape of the sushi which is oval shaped and looking like a battleship. Uni sushi cost RM 48 but I don’t recommend this unless you are a serious sushi connoisseur. It was not stunningly fresh.


11.senjyu-Uni Sushi RM 48


Goma Ice cream sells at RM 10 per tiny scoop while the sesame didn’t quite tasted very fresh. The sweetness is moderately sufficient to please the sweet tooth or as a great closure to your meal.


12.senjyu-Goma Ice cream RM 10 (2)
Senjyu is located at:
2F-27, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Village II,
2 Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, 59100
Tel: 03-2287 1535
GPS: 3.131003,101.671332


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