The word hash tag made popular by social media is now the title of a cozy cafe in Melaka. Hash & Tag café at Melaka is located at the Taman Legenda , a developing business park adjacent the Aeon Pahlawan. Despite still in the progress to getting tenants at most of the shop lots here, what’s supposedly a breezy street is still usually quite pack with cars occupying the parking bays to walk over to aeon mall. But you wouldn’t overlook the large signature at the façade.


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Inside the cafe is a comfy set of cozy setting, semi contemporary with some modern displays and paintings adorning the walls and each corner of the cafe. From comfortable lounging corner to the private single seats, the dark toned shields the bright sunlight from outside and creates instant snug hideout.


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Menu cannot be any simpler, selective few pages of coffee, tea, juice, dessert cakes, and sweet or savoury waffles made to order (Photos of the menu HERE on my Facebook Page). Caffe shakerato is the latest craze, probably associated with trying to beat the heat in Melaka town. There is nothing like ice and caffeine to knock out this everlasting doldrums. I see this being trendy lately, in particularly here in this town. Having said that, I went with their Java single origin Caffè Latte (RM 8.50). Also ordered a hot Peppermint Tea (RM 7.50) to go with the savoury waffle.


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Seafood Mayo Waffle (RM13.50) surprises me with the pleasant presentation. This clever use of waffle to sandwich generous scoop of crabstick mayo mix is then brilliantly accompanied with the tanginess from the thousand island drizzle for the wholesome finishing. Not forgetting the Tomato cherry on top of the waffle tower. This simple combo is ordinary but was made to serve fresh and that’s probably why it is such a delight. Not forgetting the scoop of ice cream that accompanies the waffle deck.


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Décor wasn’t ergonomic but sure is pleasant and cute to look at. Take a few seconds and make sure you #hash&tag them on social media.


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Despite being relatively new, service is swift and very pleasant during my visit. The younger crowd would appreciate both these warm services as much as they’d enjoy the ambiance.


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Hash & Tag Café is located in Melaka at:
65, Jalan Lagenda 1,
Taman 1-Lagenda,
75400 Melaka
GPS location: 2.2162575178756, 102.24572585838


Click HERE for more photos on flikr.


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