Most of the Malaysian delights under one roof would be what you are looking at when it comes to Wondermama X at the Avenue K. They have all the dishes that is no longer strange to Malaysians; with their improvised rendition of more premium ingredients in their dishes and a portion slightly up scaled to larger compared to that of the very same kind more commonly found at the hawkers or even on the street, where they are prevalently being sold.


The strong influence of Nyonya heritage allows Wondermama X to showcase the Nyonya Mee Siam (RM 14.90) and Nyonya Laksamana (RM 14.90), both with rich ingredients and local spices that put together in whole as one of the perfect introduction to represent Malaysian delights. Both might not be the best of their own kind but the later was surprisingly good.


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Alas, when knowing where to find the best of what, I can honestly tell you any Mee Siam in Melaka taste at least two times better than this. The crucial item making a huge difference to the both would be the asam gravy. This one lacked the flavour but having said all that, it can still satisfy the mee siam crave at desperate times.


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Local touch isn’t the only thing offered. Hints of western influences are on the menu because Malaysians are really versatile when it comes to food. Wondermama Pasta ala Carbonara (RM 23.90) puts a smile on the faces carbonara fans with the creamy and aromatic pasta sauce.


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And for the health conscious ones, for once don’t even try or make any attempt ordering the Wondermama Potato and Chicken Salad (RM 17). In fact, I really think it should be removed from the menu. The entire dish almost seemed as if there is no effort at all; putting some green leaves and the pieces of fried chicken that probably matches well with everything else on the menu, but this.


Wondermama X @ Avenue K (#foodeverywhere review at )


The beverages were creative though, our pick- Teh with Kopi Jelly (RM 8.50), Organic Soy with Kopi Jelly (RM 9.50) and Mango Smoothies (RM 9.50) were all extraordinarily approving. For someone who is not a fan of jelly at all, their kopi jelly was interestingly mesmerising. Resembling the cincau jelly a little and pairing the bitterness in coffee with milk and aroma from tea gets thumbs up.


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Desserts probably isn’t what’s best to represent Wondermama X but was good enough to earn themselves applauses at the end of the meal. Desserts seemed to always have that capability and I think it works best especially on girls. Waffle with Caramelised Banana Slices topped with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate were pretty lovely but Bacon Ice cream seemed sloppy in effort- served in a mug with toppings like cornflakes, marshmallow and bacon strips.


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And like their Wondermama outlet, this one is a darling to look at as well. There is a bar for a drink or two and the pretty layout that may also contribute to difficulty in getting the staff’s attention when requiring their assistance.


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Wondermama X is located at:
Avenue K. G-8C, Ground Floor,
Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Operating hours: Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
GPS: 3.159762,101.71370


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