Riverview Small Village Restaurant is hidden next to the Batu River of Jalan Ipoh, along the turning into Jalan Cenderuh 2. This strategic location of the restaurant right next to a flowing river and hence the name of the restaurant offers a lovely ambiance with some decently good Chinese food. While this place is constantly pack and really full with dinners all the time, the peak hours are the worst so this one comes with a warning- avoid lunch hours.


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There are many dishes to order but I had to please my craving for the Yam Ring. I asked to filled the ring with Sweet and Sour Pork and is strangely added with a tossed of fried peanuts. This odd choice of topping was my first encounter but is surprisingly a rewarding experience when it accompanies the otherwise acerbically powerful and sharp sourness of the pork. Pineapples and onions accompanies and the delightful tangy was inevitably the lovely addition.


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One of their signature dishes is the Spinach Soup, sweet and fragrant with rich flavours from the soup and critically no dirt or any organic residue trapped within the plant. It was pleasant to be crowned comforting dish for late dinner or supper.


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When undesirable for rice, like many other tai chau’s, noodles are available. We tried the velvet smooth Wat Tan Hor and the Hokkien Noddle. Both being decently good but Hokkien Noodle would be so much more fantastic if tossed with some more pork lards. Stir fried vegetables of assorted varieties are available, making this a lovely place for casual dining.


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Enjoying the scenic surrounding is as pleasant as their food but note that when eating near water, this dinky patio maybe the only obstacle for anyone with limnophobia, potamophobia or any of these kin. But, it is absolutely a firm and sturdy build.


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Riverview Small Village Restaurant is located at:
Jalan Cenderuh 2,
Batu 4, Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3-6250 9853
GPS : 3.195262,101.678724


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