Paddle and beans at Taman Kota Syahbandar Melaka is another place for the locals to enjoy both local dishes and some western favourites to cater the younger crowd. With bi-folding glass door separating air conditioning indoor from the airy outdoor seating, and high chairs at a bigger communal table, the natural lighting penetrative every corner of those cafe gives it a lovely vibe.


1.Paddle and Beans Melaka
2.Paddle and Beans Melaka
3. Paddle and Beans Melaka


The food however wasn’t as welcoming as their ambiance. Their mains vary from typical local signatures like nyonya laksa to typical café favourites like burgers and wraps but we can totally eliminate the local delights (you’ll get more authentic nyonya dishes within few hundreds of meters). Chicken wrap is a joy thanks to the tangy pineapple chunks wrapped inside their tortilla. Alas, pronounced improvisations obviously in need since this clearly isn’t their best work.


4.Paddle and Beans Melaka


Same goes to the Truffle Fries, it was too sloppy for any approval, in fact this chintzy attempt was a real disappointment. Truffle were almost non existing in this truffle fries and it might as well be named parmesan fries since it was simply just ordinary fries served with grated parmesan.


5.Paddle and Beans Melaka


Waffle trend hit the state last year but their Waffle (RM 14.90) also didn’t leave any impression although it could be a good pick for light bites or food for in between meals. But, I do like the effort of them tossing with almond flakes and serving with ice cream scoops.


6.Paddle and Beans Melaka


And with a long way more to master the skill of brewing, their attempt to serve an assortment of brews was much applaudable though. From teas to coffee, Mocha is the champ when competing against other beverages like the very bland Green tea latte (RM 9.90) and the very ordinary White ginger lily (RM 7.90). Espresso press is the only coffee brew available at the moment. Hand brews maybe not necessary just yet, not before they have well trained baristas.


7.Paddle and Beans Melaka
8.Paddle and Beans Melaka
9.Paddle and Beans Melaka


Dining is comfortable with friendly staffs (the kind of love typical Malaccans would show) ready to serve but they certainly need drastic improvements when it comes to food. Parking is currently easy and convenient.


10. Paddle and Bean


Paddle and Beans in Melaka is located at :
No. 2, Jalan KSB 1,
Taman Kota Syahbandar,
Melaka, 75200.
Tel : 062880368
Business hour : 11:30am- 12 midnight daily (close on Tuesdays)


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