Melaka is a beautiful place that is filled with preserved tradition and culture. Loke Ann Café in Melaka is one that is fantastic to experience the very authentic and local flavour of the lovely town. With the many hip and contemporary eateries and cafe in town, some of the old coffee shops still remain retro right from the very tiny pieces of flooring times to the huge serving bowl of food still selling at affordable prices.


mutton soup @ lok ann cafe
Spending some time here, you’ll see many loyal old patrons visiting them. Mingling and hanging around coffee shop like this is a fantastic way to experience the local culture. People are very friendly (ahem, Malaccans are awesome people) and the food often value for money and is always wallet friendly.


1.mutton soup @ lok ann cafe (7)


Loke Ann Café is this really old coffee shop which hosts several stalls for years now. There are the noodle stalls, the chicken rice and chap fan (economic rice) stall and the renowned Mutton Soup. There are several places in Melaka that sells this but this stall in Loke Ann Café is easily accessible with ample parking bay most of the time.


2.mutton soup @ lok ann cafe (4)


The Mutton Soup here is a cross of chicken soup and bah kut teh with the distinct aroma from mutton. The soup is also salty ergo gaminess becoming least distinct in the brackish soup. There is fu chuk, and tau fu pok, as well as black Chinese fungus with some button mushrooms; all of which resembles the conventional bah kut teh dish. Not forgetting the option of white or yellow rice to go with this delicious soup, it is served with special chili sauce and lime. The addition of lime is mesmerizing and makes a whole different to the dish.


3.lok ann cafe mlk -mutton soup
4.mutton soup @ lok ann cafe (3)


The rest of the stalls are also very authentic. I tried the local mee hoon kuih as well. I have always had a slight fond of mee hoon kuih over pan mee although they share resemblance of most of the ingredients. The serving here is huge with lots of soup and served in a big bowl. These pinched noodles were not very impressive but given the economical price of it, one must not be too finical.


5. Loke Ann Cafe Melaka


Like any typical coffee shops in town, barley, herbal tea, etc. as well as the usual local favourites like the Kopi-peng, Teh-C and Milo are what’s commonly served. These old coffee shops host a place for the elderly to reminisce the flavours and good old times back then. It is almost like a time tunnel in the middle of a well developed and fast pace motions in town.


6.lok ann cafe mlk- teh c ice


Like any other local coffee shops in Melaka, they start operating from morning and closes when they run out; usually before evening and all that I ordered was forless than RM15.


7.mutton soup @ lok ann cafe (6)


Loke Ann Café is located at:
30 Jalan Pasar Baru
(Kee Ann Road),
75200 Melaka
GPS: 2.199324,102.249616


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