Utopia Vegetarian Cuisine at Bandar Sunway is one of those new generation vegetarian food that has left vegetarians spoilt for choice. Vegetarian cuisine never fails to amuse me whenever they use the meat substitutes- those mock meat are usually 70% close to the real thing. Recalling I once had mock pork with the texture so alike the real thing it was actually kind of freaky. This time I experienced the Mutton Curry served with white rice and the only thing missing from this mutton is probably their fatty acids. Perfect those who dislike the distinctive flavour of mutton (the gamy flavour from mutton are result of fatty acid of the animal).


1.utopia vegetarian cuisine - MUTTON CURRY


The Butter Milk Fish is incredibly creamy and because vegetarians do not consume garlic, the vegetarian dishes are usually uniquely different in flavours and aroma. The fish must be consumed quickly before the crisp becomes soften when soaked in the butter milk gravy. There is shitake mushrooms in it and garnished with chili.


2.utopia vegetarian cuisine -butter milk fish
2.1.utopia vegetarian cuisine -butter milk fish


When eating these dishes, try including the Spinach Soup. Clear soup with spinach and goji berries somewhat lacks a bit if comparatively served right next to the same soup with some real meat in it. Nonetheless, it is still refreshing when having this served as a communal dish.


3.utopia vegetarian cuisine -SPINACH SOUP


The menu is extensively wide with choices of dishes for family and group dinning to menus for the solo dinners. The Vegetarian Seafood Mee Suah sells at a reasonable price of RM 7.50 for the portion is huge with entire salver of noodles with a rich layer of mix slices of seafood cooked as gravy drenching the fried noodles.


4.utopia veggie cuisine sunway vegetarian veg. seafood mee suah RM 7.50


There is the Shanghai style Prawn Mee (RM 7.50) with noodle of relatively good texture eventhough the soup lacks plenty of umami.


5.utopia veggie cuisine sunway -shanghai style prawn mee RM 7.50 (1)


The Fried Loh Bak Kou (fried carrot cake) impressively perks the palate with the slightly light crispy outer layer and super delicious carrot cake on the inside. The texture is better than a lot more fried carrot cakes anywhere else.


6.utopia vegetarian cuisine -fried lohbak kou


Cooling off the heat is their healthy juice menu where they serve things like the Bitter Gourd Juice. Something eccentric less appreciated by mass crowd but the goodness in it is nevertheless promising.


7.utopia vegetarian cuisine- bittergourd juice (3)


If not, go for something sweeter like the Sesame Soya Bean.


8.utopia veggie black sesame soya bean-cuisine sunway (12)


This is where you will find very homely ambience and comfortably cozy at the same time. The only drawback is the lack of parking bays around the restaurant.


9.utopia vegetarian cuisine (22)
10.utopia vegetarian cuisine (25)
The Utopia Vegetarian Cuisine is located at :
5, Jalan PJS 11/288,
Bandar Sunway 46150
Tel: 019-3353557
Opening hours: (daily) 11 am – 3pm, 5:30 pm – 11 pm
GPS: 3.082087,101.6693093


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