Square Q Café is one of the first few of the original maker of mochi waflle in Klang Valley. Raised from Mont Kiara and currently based in Solaris Mont Kiara’s highly saturated café enclave, they have cheeky tag line that emphasizes that they are not waffle despite how they mirror actual waffle.


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Made with pure milk, it is crispy on the outside and chewy; very similar to mochi but tastier and more interesting with the waffle grooves. One can relay this to moffle- popular Japanese snack made of glutinous rice pounded into a paste and pressed hot irons for warm chewiness with a tact goo within the crispy outer layer. These grids are lovely eaten alone (RM 5 each) or when it is served with fruits and gelato scoops.


2.Square Q Café @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Square Q serving comes in 3 options – 1 Square Q + fruits (RM 7) , 1 Square Q + fruits + 1 scoop gelato (RM 13), 2 Square Q+ fruits + 2 Scoop gelato (RM 24); with choices of flavours for your waffles (original, green tea, banana, chocolate, coffee, cranberry, and yogurt) . And, your gelato choices to be selected from either premium vanilla, to Double chocolate, or peanut butter to the oriental favourite- black sesame.


3.Square Q Café @ Solaris Mont Kiara

2 Square Q+ fruits + 2 Scoop gelato (RM 24)


Waffle isn’t the only thing even though that’s essentially their crowd drawer at the
Square Q cafe. I am much impressed with Q-Egg Toast (RM8)- thick homebaked baguette slices soaked in milk before being pan toasted into lovely textured castella from within and slight crisp film outer coat. Served drizzled with honey and light dust of sugar, this is the best french toast I’ve had to date in Solaris Mont Kiara.


4.Square Q Café @ Solaris Mont Kiara
5.Square Q Café @ Solaris Mont Kiara


And because there is a pastry chef in the family, fresh and top quality cakes are inevitable. Swiss roll of more than substantial thickness pleasantly impresses anyone who passes the glass fronted fridge. Sink your teeth into mild sweetness nicely balanced with astringent green tea flavour that lingers a little in between each bite.


6.Square Q Café @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Taking pride in the freshest and finest ingredients, everything that’s served is best of what they can provide. Even though with some outsourced item and commercial processed goods on their All day breakfast (RM20) plate, serving is up and out only upon ordered.


7.Square Q Café @ Solaris Mont Kiara


While you are at it, look for their homemade wholesome energy boaster- Artisan Yogurt (RM 6 for plain, RM 8 with muesli/Oreo/fruits of the day, RM 10 with a mix of 2 from muesli, Oreo or fruits of the day. This one is wallet friendly for that creamy and silky with generous amount of berries in it.


8.Square Q Café @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Beverage menu were idiosyncratic if not eccentric. Serving some good range including milkshakes and pure juices, to tea and coffee, and some real nice Mocktail Ice tea (RM 12) or Freddo(RM 12), there ought to be something for everybody.


11.Square Q Café @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Café Latte (RM 10)

9.Square Q Café @ Solaris Mont Kiara
10.Square Q Café @ Solaris Mont Kiara


Square Q Café is located at:
11, Jalan Solaris 3,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3-6206 4828
Opening Hours : 10am-10pm daily ( Fri- Sat till 11pm) , Close on Monday
GPS: 3.1750359,101.659472
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MySquareQ/


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