Nasi Lemak at Ujung Pasir (Restoran Ming Huat) has been loved by Malaccans for those rich and unique taste of an authentic experience that remained the same all these years. This coffee shop also hosts several stalls of other typical local flavours, each showcasing their excellent local dishes, but our signature Malaysian heritage takes centre stage with the eclectic fresh choices of various dishes at the nasi lemak stall.


1.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka) Restoran Ming Huat
2.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)


Despite being a popular city filled with tourists on a daily basis, this one is authentically untempered for western palate. Think a smorgasbord of fiery veggies and proteins in stacks on top of anchovies, peanuts and spicy sambal around fragrant santan rice. It’s truly a lovely mess of spicy from the first bite to the very end.


3.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
4.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)


Serving fresh steaming plates of santan rice, we picked several dishes and whether or not if it is worth visiting is strictly non – debatable. It is no doubt one of the best in town and best of all, fast moving line, hassle free parking, and no tourist.


5.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
6.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
7.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
8.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
9.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
10.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)
11.Nasi Lemak Ujong Pasir (Melaka)


Restoran Ming Huat is located at:
Jalan Ujong Pasir,
75050 Melaka
Tel: 06-2810245 / 016-6694915 / 012-6662359
Opening hours: 6pm onwards until everything is sold out


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