Restaurant Sekar Kedathon for a spread of Javanese dishes to go with rice – Yogyakarta style


Built in the 1800s, and a historic building once owned by Pak Tembong, a gold trader and pawnbroker, the Sekar Kedathon restaurant is considerably one of the largest restaurants in Yogyakarta, and is located in Kotagede. With the wealth and reputation of Pak Tembong, story has it saying to often have association off to the royals. Once a residential building with interior fusion of Javanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch, is contributing plenty of character to what is currently the restaurant. Pay attention to the architecture and interior details and you will notice the unique of this fusion and traces of all this different influence and heritage. 

Also having hosted the army before the independence of Republic of Indonesia, is putting historical value as a part of the charm to the restaurant and making this restaurant stand out amongst the rest of the restaurants. Standing long and strong for the past centuries, Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant is not just unique for the history and influences it carried but proven to have gained reputation on the food served. It is one of the few to savour good food in luxury and comfort of royal Javanese atmosphere.

Expect Javanese architecture and a spread of menu generally representing the local palate. Each food and recipe of the local palate is a manifestation of the nation’s history and culture.

Traditions, stories and culture are cooked into each dish, and what we have is the product of the nation’s own ancient recipes, refined by influences from other cultures seen throughout the many rules of different kingdoms. Every wave of arrival of rulers and immigrants saw its traditions and recipes integrate with local culture. Every ethnicity in the country holds unique recipes specific to their culture. And I do feel that Sekar Kedathon is serving a unique representative of Indonesia in general in particular with a touch of Yogyakarta.

If Koreans pair their meal with Kimchi, Indonesian dishes will see plenty of spicy condiments. Lookout for Sambal and since Indonesian meals like most in the region of South East Asian countries, were mostly best for communal dining, expect mostly communal portions in this restaurant.


After all, togetherness is still an important part of a local dining experience, no matter what meal you’re having. And I am grateful of this final lunch hosted by the Multiguna Group and Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, and it’s a blessing to be having them with media friends from Malaysia.


Restaurant Sekar Kedathon

Jl. Tegal Gendu No.28, Prenggan, Kec. Kotagede, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55173, Indonesia

59FV+64 Kotagede, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

+62 274 386868


9am- 9pm

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When you are at it, scroll over to Alur Alur at the Southern CIty Square as evening approaches.

When in Melaka, I can never understand the neons and fancy teddy bears on those trishaws. In Jogja, I finally understood… Those neons and crazy colours actually is amusingly very eye catching. Hahaha..
These guys are here within the perimeter of Southern City Square and I swear it’s the only hung that catches my eyes. (I am such a vainpot)


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The Southern City Square here is where you can come and spend some time walking around, mingling with the local vendors, and perhaps also try walking between the two banyan trees blindfolded, playing the “Masangin Game”!





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