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Moorthy’s Mathai Indian Rice, Bricksfields

Banana Leaf Rice Stall at Brickfields – Moorthy’s Mathai Indian Rice. Traditionally and once a communal practice, the consumption of banana leaf rice in Malaysia has come a long way, taking on local preferences and establishing as a specialty on its own. Traditionally eaten in India as a community event with people within a neighborhood …

2022 CNY , appreciate ASMR with tea.

  Tea in my opinion is such an important part of the Chinese tradition. As we develop and progress, tea has played many important roles in enhancing appreciation. The Chinese New Year is especially a great festive to appreciate reflection on the year gone by; of happy gains and missed opportunities.     Self-realization and a …

South Australia Gourmet Fair in Malaysia

South Australia Gourmet Fair in Malaysia  Be it groceries or fresh produces, Australia has been worldwide recognised as top producers when it comes to quality. There is a spike of demand when it comes to Australian fare and the increase of farm exports are evidences to put the country as one of world class. Some …

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