Happy New Year !!!! So I start off the new year with food, ( obviously..) and I ate some awesome supper past late night. Street food has always been exhilarating to me, especially when it comes to Thai style. And when it comes to Thai food, it is unavoidable to relate seafood and spicy soup. So the first thing I ordered is the tom yum seafood . Located in Jalan Alor, where lots of tourist and expatriate would go for light late night snacks or supper, it maybe a little pricy.
1.Tom yam seafood @ Thai seafood jalan alor. Their salt must be FOC
There is a wide array of seafood, mainly all kinds of clams and shells. I love cockles a lot, especially if a whole bunch of your friends were to gather and start digging into the cockles with a couple bottles of beers. The Thai style boiled cockles are slightly different from those in Malaysia. Instead of plain boiling, the Thai boiled cockles have mint leaves added to the boiling. This somewhat gave the cockles some minty flavor instead of the usual mellow flavor of boiled cockles.
2.Cockles @ Thai seafood jalan alor. Different from the usual as its boiled with some mint leaves and some other herbs.
Next, I ordered some fried noodle and the owner recommends the fried mee with chicken. Honestly, anyone with liking to brine flavor would love this. Call me finicky, but I simply cannot accept the level of salt in it. Not to mention how it is so overpriced. And there was nothing fascinating with this because any mamak stalls around KL could do better than this.
3.Fried mee with chicken @Thai seafood jalan alor. Overpriced item.
On the other hand, the seafood is very fresh. There is wide array of seafood to be picked and more than 10 types of cooking manner. Seafood lover would definitely find it intriguing. However, being the “OCD” me, I question the hygiene practices. But, I wasn’t sick the next day. So I guess that is a great information to share as well.
Thai seafood @jalan alor. Looks fresh...but honestly...I'm worry if i'll get food poisoning. Rather reasonable price..
Jalan alor
Thai seafood @jalan alor. Looks fresh...but honestly...I'm worry if i'll get food poisoning. Rather reasonable price.
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