Bei Zhan is a Chinese Restaurant that serves up to more than 50 dishes on its menu. Refurbished and newly renovated not more than two years back, the restaurant is now strategically located at a convenient location with ample car parking lots. Not to mention the majestic design of the restaurant can be quite an eye catching to passerby, especially during night time when the lights are glittering glowing at the white double story corner lot building.




Upon entering the restaurant, most of the time you get greetings upon entering and first timers tend to spend an extra few seconds getting the whole view of the restaurant interior. The high ceiling with clean pearl white furniture and walls complimenting the warm yellow light offers a fine dining ambience.


2.background beizhan


For the dishes, it ranges from simple stir fried and deep fried dishes to sophisticated braised and boiled soups and meats. There is chicken, duck, assorted seafood, vegetables and tofu, eggs and meat. They also serve luxury Chinese dishes like the sharks fin soup, roasted piglet etc.


Starting with simple stir fried dishes, the restaurant makes sure that every leaf is fresh and green. Although it might be a little brackish for me, but simple ingredients like garlic and dried shrimp makes good stir fried flavors.


4. veg
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Meat and seafood lovers would be thrilled with the choices they have. But since they have the yam basket, I ordered with no hesitations. Sweet and sour pork with yam ring. The yam was generously made with lots of yam instead of just flour. And the sweet and sour pork was still crispy on the outside despite already coated with sweet and sour tomato sauce. As for the fish, most would like the flavor although I thought it was too much for steam fish. The rich flavor completely masks the freshness of the fish. and sweet sour pork


I tried the Fish slices with ginger and onion as well and the flavor is really quite intense. Perfect dish to go with white rice.


Talking of flavours, this Braised pork with yam is no joke .Each slices is juicy and so bouncily chewy. The layers of lean and fats compliments so well with the fragrant from yam slices braised with it. The gravy is thick and chalky from the yam and is perfect to go with just plain white rice.


7.braised pork with yam @ bei zhan restaurant (melaka)


To those whom doesn’t fancy rice so much, the Tong Poh meat is what you should order. The Mantou is fluffily soft and slightly sweet with a great fragrant and so perfect to go with the meat.


2.tong poh meat beizhan


Another dish with good gravy is the Tofu and I see many tables ordering this as well. Apparently tofu were homemade, one of their specialty and you get some lean meat and button mushrooms with few carrot to add on to the colour for the dish.




Don’t forget to try Marmite prawn because it’s to die for. Deep fried tiger prawns coated with thick marmite sauce, giving a tangy and crunchy flavor and texture.


3.@beizhan melaka (1)


Lastly, I had this oyster egg which really show the effort of the chef being thoughtful to the customers. Because the restaurant is air conditioned, having eggs on sizzling hot plate still sizzling with all the oil and the heat on the table really isn’t a pretty scent. Here, the sizzling oyster egg with HUGE oysters in it is served on plate instead of sizzling hot pot.


9.oyster egg@ bei zhan restaurant (melaka)


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Bei Zhan Restaurant is located at :
No.43, Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17,
Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 2,
75200 Melaka
Tel: 06-2812684/ Fax: 06-2885088


The menu is very friendly with prices and sizes of each dish clearly displayed. Dishes arrive so quickly there is no way anyone would get edgy and impatient while waiting to eat. Because the architecture design of high ceiling, the restaurant became really spacious, hence relaxing. Thanks a lot for the invitation; it is nice to post up Chinese dishes.


Love, sycookies



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