Another feast I enjoyed at Shaz’s during the last Ramadan was the Ayam Penyet from the famous Wong Solo Restaurant. They sell authentic Indonesian food in rather affordable price. Lina loves it very much. And being Indonesian, she would know if it is authentic. The meal was rather satisfying if we weren’t rushing to catch our movie. Those chickens were nicely done although I have had better ones. This one wasn’t really flattened to the extreme yet.


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And of course, the penyet set must come with the Tauhu and the Tempeh. The tempeh didn’t quite meet my expectations but I am always a sucker with tempehs so yeah, I thought it was pretty awesome anyhow.


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And there is this Chap Chai that is mildly spicy version of the usual mix vegetables. Wait a minute, I am not sure why they don’t have a ‘bahasa’ term for it but it is called the chap chai. There is a mix of vege, carrots, chili, garlic, prawn and eggs and it is cooked with some gravy in it.


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Another usual dish to go with the penyet chicken is the raw salads. And to go with it is this super awesome chili that is so piquant, you would love and hate it at the same time. I really enjoy the chili, and clearly there are still lots of chili seeds in it seeing that it is really spicy.


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Just as everyone was going “oh! ah!” with the fiery chili, lying next to the table is the orange mix and sprite courtesy of the lovely Balqis.


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I do miss all those Ramadan food already..LOL.


Locate them at :
No. 8-G-1 & 9-G-1, Seksyen 9,
Jalan Medan PB 2A, Bandar Baru Bangi


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