When thinking about cheap and fresh seafood as well as the famous ’mui choi pau’, the first thing that should come to one’s mind would be this place called the Tanjung Sepat. Also made popular by NameWee in his movie Nasi Lemak 2.0, I decided to check out this ’mui choi pau’ and the trip was indeed an enjoyable one.


Along the way, we see many interesting and sights that is getting rarer each day. There is this old house/shop that sells little snacks and simple treats for the local kids around the neighbourhood. I ordered the Ice Kacang and the big bowl of colourful syrup on snow ice puts a smile on everyone at the table.




There is grass jelly, cendol, agar-agar, red beans, sweet corns etc. and I was just happy to have some ice in the hot weather.




The shop is a great place to chill because there are many big and tall trees to give just the perfect shade. There are also many short plants to make the place really pleasant looking.




If interested at the Ice Kacang shop, locate them on GPS at : 2.65706, 101.56088. Next we finally arrive at the ’mui choi pau’ and believe it or not, all the way to find out that they do not sell on that particular day. I was really devastated at that point, but the amazing company I had with me inevitably made my day a good one. So we went ahead with some other adventure hopping to find some other interesting stuff. That’s when we stumbled upon this little place with few shops selling lots of local products.




At dusk, Tanjung Sepat is a beautiful place that is perfect for photography. Any photography enthusiast would be very happy with the scenery.




We manage to take a few good photos of the local sights and it really is great to just chill and hang with friends, and even more amazing to spend quality time with the family.




And lastly, dinner was none other than the famous, fresh and affordable seafood dishes. We ordered the Marmite Crab and Ginger stirred fried lala (mussels) and true enough about the freshness of the seafood served around this neighbourhood..




And don’t forget the simple yet delicious Oyster omelet and Stir fried vegetable.




All for only RM 68 for 4 people, including white rice. My verdict, this place had got awesomely fresh seafood dishes but a tip to all tourists; do not visit any toilets around this area before any meal. Locate a petrol station for toilets along the way and make sure you bring lots of sanitiser if you are obsessed with hygiene.


Ocen Seafood Restaurant is located at
109, Jalan Laut, Tanjung Sepat,
Kuala Langat, Selangor.
Tel: 03-31974443.
Opens from 12 to 9.30pm.


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