Good evening Bangkok is not a very new restaurant and as the matter of fact, I’ve been here for their famous Tom Yam Kong before. It was definitely not the best I’ve had, but I would recommend this for convenience purposes. Although plane tickets are really cheap nowadays, and even cheaper for me, I thought it’s not wise to fly to Thailand just to have some Tom Yam Kong. This doesn’t apply to those staying near Thai borders of course.


A meal of Thai cuisine is somewhat real similar to those of the Chinese meal. The similarities are there as Asian culinary culture which inevitably follows. With the all time favourite Mieng Kam, a whole bunch of us kick start the meal with this famous Thai starter. Comprising of traditional Thai Leaves, it comes with 7 Condiments for RM 15.90.


1.Mieng Kam (All Time Favourite) –Traditional Thai Leaves Roll with 7 Condiments RM 15.90@goodevening bangkok
1.2Mieng Kam (All Time Favourite) –Traditional Thai Leaves Roll with 7 Condiments RM 15.90@goodevening bangkok one u_


Next of course would be the eminent Tom Yam Gong, the spicy Tom Yam soup with river prawn at RM 15.90. Serves about 6 person so I thought the price is somewhat acceptable.


2.Tom Yam Goong- Spicy Tom Yam Soup with River Prawn RM 15.90@goodevening bangkok (1)


Moving to the main dishes of the meal, there is the Khow Ob Sapparod Goong which is the pineapple fried rice with prawn topped with chicken floss for R M16. I am not too sure if chicken floss is part of the traditional and authentic Thai style but some places do topped this fried rice with chicken floss.


3.Khow Ob Sapparod Goong- Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawn topped with Chicken Floss RM 16@goodevening bangkok


Next is the Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai for RM 15.90. This green curry chicken is delicious. Not too spicy and the chicken meats are tender and succulently juicy. The chicken alone is soaked with all those green curry so if not a fan of curry then eliminate the gravy. Take only the chicken alone. It goes pretty well with white rice.


4.Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai - Green Curry chicken RM 15.90@goodevening bangkok


There is more interesting combination with the Hor Mok Talay Nai Ma Prow Onm. We have some Thai Seafood Otak otak served in Young Coconut for RM 22.90. The Otak otak is mildly piquant and luxuriously creamy with those flavour from the young coconut.


5.Hor Mok Talay Nai Ma Prow Onn- Thai Seafood Otak otak served in Young Coconut RM 22.90@goodevening bangkok (11)


One of the few must order dish in any Thai restaurant is the lime steam fish. The Pla Kapong Nueng Manow is a little pricy as it wasn’t really a big or any extraordinarily fresh Siakap. priced at RM 47.90, the Lime and Chilies did provide an excellent flavour to the dish.


6.Pla Kapong Nueng Manow- Steamed Siakap with Lime and Chilies RM 47.90@goodevening bangkok (1)


For those with zero tolerance to spicy flavours, go for the non spicy dishes here. One is the Yam basket, which I don’t quite agree with the ‘basket’. We tried the Takra Sawan – stir fried Chicken served in Crispy Yam Basket for RM 18.90. It was palatable but not impressive as the Yam basket has got so much rooms to improve some more.


7.Takra Sawan – stir fried Chicken served in Crispy Yam Basket RM 18.90@goodevening bangkok (1)


The Kana Pla Kem (Stir fried Baby Kailan with Salted Fish) is something you can get at a cheaper price anywhere else. For RM 14.90, you get some fresh Kailan you can get in Tesco and stir fried them at home and probably taste the same, or maybe better.


8.Kana Pla Kem- Stirr fried Baby Kailan with Salted Fish RM 14.90@goodevening bangkok


Lastly, dessert in Thai restaurant is always the Tub Tim Krob but I’ve had that before so this time we deal with the Khao Neow Ma Moung– Mango with Sticky rice. Selling at RM 12 here, this dish never fails to intrigue me with thoughts and wonders of what’s in the creator’s mind when the dish was created. It’s like white rice and durian, something you have to try it to tell the uniqueness of the combination. This sticky rice here, which is actually glutinous rice, was up to par of those selling by the streets in Thailand. After all, the authenticity of a cuisine often comes from the streets of origin.


9.Khao Neow Ma Moung – Mango with Sticky rice- RM 12@goodevening bangkok


Good evening Bangkok is located at :
G343A, Ground Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama, 47800 PJ

Tel: 03-7727 8708
Monday to Sunday; 12:00 noon till 10:00 pm


The place has got quite some nice dinning ambience so it is quite a nice place if you want decent and affordable Thai food without have to fly all the way to Thailand.


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