Dim sum is nothing uncommon in Malaysia, most them are easily found anywhere. If not too finickle, most are pretty much palatable. The rest that would be taken into consideration would probably be the price, or the distance, or even the availability of car park etc. So many dim sum places and my conclusion is that none would be perfect with all their dim sum varieties.


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My personal preferences when it comes to picking a dim dum restaurant very much comes from the ambience of the restaurant, whether it is hot and stuffy or cooling and airy. Dim sums are served steaming hot and the steaming baskets would be replaced perpetually.


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As a result of that, most dim sum restaurants are really hot. Next would be their timing as I really can’t be bothered to wake up early in the morning just to have breakfast. I would do that when returning back to Hong Kong, but that is probably not going to happen while I am in Malaysia. But then again, there are also many dim sum places which sell till past noon. Some even operates 24 hours. This one in Jalan Ipoh has got their tables outside the shop under a few big trees. The seats are not cramp up so it was pretty relaxing to slowly enjoy tea over dim sum on for some late breakfast.


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Like many other dim sum restaurants, they have all the common dim sum ranged within RM 1.90- RM 4 per plate. Choices include anything with fish paste, minced pork, chicken and seafood steamed, fried or boiled.


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Apparently this place is famous for the glutinous rice (Loh Mai Kai). Of which I agree after tasting it. The chicken is plump, and the rice are steamed to be real flavourful and perfect with the texture. It was not too mushily sticky, but each grain of rice slightly chewy and soft.


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The rest is commonly palatable, and I must point out the value for money here as the dim sums are no bite sized.


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I quite like the ’tai pau’(big bun) with lots of ingredients in it.


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There is also Chee Cheong Fun, as well as porridges. They weren’t entirely bland, but it wasn’t extraordinarily delicious.


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All I can say is that this makes a fair place to enjoy some nice dim sum which has value for money over some quiet time to catch things up with regular friends.


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Kedai Kopi Mee Bon is located at :
491 Batu 3,
Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 4043 7784


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