Nadeje originated since year 2006 and have since then established its reputation of delivering its quality with the fresh and finest ingredients. There are more than just mille crepe in Nadeje and apart from their famous layer cake, they also have other amazing cakes and tarts. Not to forget how they are each distinctly flavourful in its own way.


Crepes are originated from France, and are commonly served with a variety of fillings. Mille crepe directly translates thousand layers of crepes. Here is Nadeje, each slice priced at RM 9 each and there is an array of beverages to go with those lovely cake slices as well. I start with the Original flavour, and the layers were fine and each layer is filled with fresh cream. They say the best thing to try is to always start off with the original flavours, and so I did. I thought it was rather sweet and not too much to my liking.


1.original slice rm 9 @crepe cake mlk (3)


And since in Melaka, the must try would be their Gula Melaka flavour. I find this dulcified and I thought the Gula Melaka lack a little coconut flavour when served in mille crepe cakes. However, I really like those fine layers to give that smooth and soft texture as compared to common cakes. Since this flavour is seasonal, I consider myself being rather fortunate.


2.@crepe cake mlk (21)
3.@crepe cake mlk (16)


Talking about seasonal, you would find some unusual and unique flavours which I thought was a brilliant move from the chef. Referring to the Royal milk tea flavour, these layers blend perfectly well on top of complimenting each other with the mild egg layers and soft yet refreshing milk tea flavoured creams.


3.royal milk tea rm 9 @nadeje (7)_


If those mildly sweet flavours isn’t favourable to your palate, then go for the all time favourite tangy Mango Yogurt. The sour in this flavour enhances the sweetness in each bite whilst diluting any dulcified flavour. yogurt rm 9.@nadeje (19)


Other stronger flavoured solid cakes are also available. I tried the Dark Chocolate Cheese cake at RM 9 per slice. Super solid, dense and thick chocolate flavoured cheese cake with generous flakes of chocolate decorated on it, makes a perfect tea time combination with a nice cup of hot tea.


5. dark chocolate cheese rm9 @nadeje (16)


If you think they only have mille crepes, then that’s when you are wrong. The cakes and tarts come in assorted varieties. Each slice sells at RM 9.


6.@crepe cake mlk (11)
7.royal milk tea slice@nadeje (3)


Take note that the layers are impressively sandwiched with fresh and finest creams, and carefully spread evenly to build the layers. Although I would appreciate the layers of crepes to be as thin as possible so there could be more layers in the cake. And my favourite of all the flavours is the Green Tea Slice.


8.@crepe cake mlk (1)
green tea slice


This place sells amazing cakes and cakes are normally best to go with hot tea or coffee. Here, there is a great diversity of beverages as well. I’ve always prefer hot drinks so I did not review any of their cold beverages.


9. @crepe cake mlk (26)


Because my review partner is Juwin, we have to go with some coffee as well. We tried the Roasted hazel nut cafe latte at Rm 8. We also tried the Gula Melaka Café Latte at RM 8. After all, Melaka is famous for the Gula Melaka hence I supposed it’s worth a try.


10.roasted hazel nut cafe latte rm 8 @nadeje (25)
12. tky mlk cafe latte RM 8@nadeje


But if you are like myself, then they have tea as well. I had my favourite green tea, the Sakura Green Tea at Rm 9 served in a pot. green tea Rm 9,@nadeje (12)


Nadeje currently have three branches in Melaka state and I pay visit to two of three of those outlets. The first outlet is somewhat cozy with seats placed rather packed in the café. There is a bar, with bar seats and some nice couches for bigger groups.


12.1@crepe cake mlk (22)
13.@crepe cake mlk (12)
14.@crepe cake mlk (13)


The second branch that I’ve visited is the Jaya 99 branch with a more spacious seating and a bigger outdoor dining space.


16.@nadeje (1)
17.@nadeje (2)


Mille crepe Nadeje in Melaka Raya is located at :
G-23 & 25, Jalan PM4,
Plaza Mahkota, 75000, Melaka.
Tel: 06-2838750


Jaya 99 branch is located at :
G-01, Bangunan Jaya 99,
Block A, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang,
75100 Melaka.
Tel : 06-2277750


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