Foodeverywhere’s Eat Drink Melaka has published some amazing Mille Crepe slices and the Cheng Ho Tea House . This third chapter shares a little bit about Casa Drl Rio’s River Side Grill. When visiting Melaka, this hotel is a rather strategic location seeing the main attraction and a must go would be the Jonker Street and how the hotel is just adjacent to the Joker Street. There is absolutely too much amazing and affordable food to go about in Melaka. But this time around, pamper yourself a little with some fancy mains here in Casa Del Rio. And to be super frank, the dishes wasn’t a bomb but the ambience, interior, and the whole river side view is simply something to die for to really enjoy a meal.




First of all, the place is great for sightseeing as the café is located right next to the Melaka river cruise. Approaching dusk would be the best time to go. First of all, the hotel has got this magnificent fountain pool and many poolsides dining area for that diverse dining experience.




Then there is this great interior and corridor that really travels you to through the portal into the Mediterranean. This boutique hotel is built with 66 luxurious appointed rooms located by the straits of Melaka.




Moving to the dining experience at the River side Grill, the cutleries and table layout is already amazing as it is. The combination of Mediterranean design and the natural view of the river cruise make the meal even more admirably wonderful.




To begin with, there is this bread and cheese served with olive oil vinegar. It was pleasantly flavoured, just wasn’t too sure about the freshness and preservation with the bread and cheese.




Then there is the Pan Grilled Butter Fish that is served with grilled vegetables, aged balsamic glaze. This is a Mediterranean style preparation of boneless fillet of butter fish served with the freshest vegetables available from the local farmers, dressed with aged Italian balsamic vinegar.




Next is the Stuffed Roulade of chicken, with spinach, chestnuts, parmesan, sage, turkey ham, asparagus and jus gras, which I enjoyed a lot. Turkey ham gives the flavour and jus gras actually enhances the flavour of the dish. Of course with the parmesan, the aroma becomes even more delectable.




Then don’t forget the Roast New Zealand lamb rack with white bean puree, confit tomato and salsa Verde. Not the best lamb I have had, but the use of salsa verde is great as I really enjoy the tangy mild salsa with tons of flavour when eaten with the lamb.




And moving on to the favourite part of a meal for ladies, the dessert here is not too bad either. The best chocolate banana cake I’ve had. The banana cake is already filled with great banana flavour and aroma and nothings goes better with chocolate than bananas. Except that this time, replaced by banana cake instead of the real fruit.


Pecan pie was great and not dulcified. Although the crust seemed to lack a little in flavour, but the filling did pull up the shortcoming so in all it was still good. Try some tangy sweetness of cheese and strawberry with their American Cheese Cake if cheese is your thing.




While enjoying the meal, watch the sky and view changes and dimmed to see the lights glitters along the straits of Melaka when dining outdoor.




Dining indoor isn’t too bad either, as the enjoyment stays with the good and impressively polite services from the staff as well as the amazing Mediterranean interior.




When leaving, don’t forget to take a stroll around the boutique hotel for the view at night is also calmingly to die for. Not to mention how the melodious breeze would gentle brush you when the atmosphere and surrounding is also quite and placid at the same time.




Casa Del Rio is located at :
88, Jalan Kota Laksamana 75200 Melaka


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