Pu Tien, a name of a Fujian province in China whereby the people of Putien is also referred to as Xing Hua. According to a fellow Xing Hua (commonly known as HengHwa) friend who has appeared in my blog several times, Putien in One Utama serves real authentic dishes from where he remembers eating them with his late grandmother. Juwin actually discovered this restaurant and highly recommend it so we all went ahead to try those food. The dishes are great and all to my liking. They are served as a variant of choices from vegetables, to meats and poultries, as well as some interesting starter and soups.


1.@pu tien (7)


The starters were really delicious. Instead of the usual braised peanuts either from can or not, they serve stir fried peanut sprinkled with a tiny bit of salt. The fragrant of stir cooked peanuts were great. I love eating those with nasi lemak but eating this with crispy seaweed was one amazing experience.


2.appetiser @pu tien (8)


Next is the XO jelly fish which isn’t cheap but not too pricy. At RM 8.90, you get something similar on the belts in Sushi King. I didn’t quite like the texture of this anyhow, so it doesn’t really matter much to me, although I did enjoy the fragrant of thick aroma of the sesame oil.


3.XO Jelly fish RM 8.90@pu tien (13)


Next is the Drunken Cockles which is awesome for those favourable with cockles. Please do not get carried away with the name “drunken” thinking that there would be thick alcohol in it. This somewhat tasted no different from the usual boiled cockles we normally order in Jalan Alor. Except they have more chopped garlic on top of those cockles, and that they are nicely opened to make eating real easy.


4.drunken cockles RM 9.90@pu tien (18)


The cockles tasted great with the chili sauce, but I would still prefer going to Jalan Alor for some fresh cockles.


5.@pu tien (15)


Then there is the Lychee Pork, which tasted super similar to my favourite sweet savoury sweet and sour dishes. Add in some lychee to our regular sweet and sour pork, and ta da….you get a lychee pork. It is delicious as the sweet and sour balance each other real good. The meat was soft and easy to eat.


6.Lychee Pork RM 16.90 (1)


And speaking of pork, I tried the Pork soup which has a bit of cauliflower and pork of course. The soup was clear and flavourful to my liking.


7.Pork Soup RM 13.90 (2)


The Spinach we ordered was great. Instead of chopped garlic or at least small pieces of garlic, this one deep fried garlic in cloves and then cooked into this dish with the leaves and century egg pieces. The garlic gave a good aroma and brings out the flavour of the sauce in this dish.


8.SPinach RM 16.90 (1)


As for dessert, there is nothing authentic about it but it was uniquely delicious. We had the Pumpkin with Ice Cream which tasted a little peculiar to me and the Passion fruit juice which any desert lover would love. It was really sweet with slight tanginess. The ice cream tasted a lot of coconut milk so for those with least liking to coconut milk, you might want to avoid this.


9.Pumpkin with Ice Cream RM 8.90 @pu tien (27)
10.Passion Fruit RM 7.90 @pu tien (11)


There are more interesting dishes I have yet to try out here in Putien, but I am pretty sure I would return for more. I also really like the friendly staffs and the cozy seats and lightings.


11.@pu tien (5)
12.@pu tien (1)


There are also a few sections in the layout of the restaurant with a more secluded space to provide quieter dining experience.


13.@pu tien (2)
14.@pu tien (3)
Find the Putien in One Utama at:
G213A, Ground Floor, Old Wing,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No. 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/putien.my


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      Hi Sean, if you enjoy cockles very much then this portion might be a little insufficient. The fact that this one is serve small, this won’t be good enough for big eaters. I quite like it but my friend thought it wasn’t quite enough satisfaction..

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