Mamee Chef Instant Noodle Creamy Tom Yam Flavour is the latest addition to the Mamee family. With products like snacks, confectionery and instant noodles, the brand is no longer foreign to most Malaysian.


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Here is unpackaging the Mamee Chef Instant Noodle Creamy Tom Yam Flavour tomyam. There is the dried and compressed instant noodle, the tom yam paste, soup flavouring and the outstanding toppings comprising of few shrimp, vegetables and some essential spices like the lemongrass.


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The preparation is not difficult and is not any different from any normal instant noodle. I like mine with more vegetable so I throw in some carrots as well. With boiling water, throw in everything it is that is in the packaging and cook for few minutes depending on your liking should you like it mushier, then prolong cooking time.




The texture of this noodle was said to be elastic and bouncy, also slightly similar to Korean라면 ramyeon). According to the report by the Malaysian Insider, the company targets the texture to be similar to the traditional La Mian ( The Malaysian Insider , 2012). Very sorry to break the heart of ramyeon fan, this might quite not taste the same like the ones our taste buds have already familiarized. Although this one does seemed to taste a lot better than any other local instant noodle you can find. In fact, it might be better than a handful of those imported instant noodles which sells at a higher price.


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Also immense is the addition of dried vegetable and three cute little tiny shrimp which is still in whole after cooking it. I thought it would be even more brilliant if they have bigger chunks of vegetables instead of tiny breakages of tiny pieces.


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Instead of the typical conventional block-like form, this one is in a round block. Also great is their flavour which is somewhat delightful. While most instant noodle pretty much just represent the umami flavour and after taste is usually brackish. Since we are only looking at the Tom yam flavour, which I hope they would come out with more, most Tom yam flavours can somewhat turn out barbed when tasted properly. Mamee chef toned that down with some creamy addition to the flavouring, giving you the creamy tomyam flavour.


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Having said that, no instant noodle (by far not that I know off) is glutamate free hence I don’t recommend instant noodle although I do agree that it is a brilliant creation. But in time of desperate needs, they do come in really handy, so having delicious flavour does make this one a cut above the rest. And many might still call this ‘maggi mee’, this particular instant noodle is actually a new innovation by Mamee.


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Follow Mamee Chef on facebook at The Mamee Chef sells at RM5.70 per packet of 4+1 which is slightly pricier than the usual instant noodle but value for money is almost proportional to the quality of this product.


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“Mamee-Double Decker expects RM650m sales next year”, The Malaysian Insider 19 December 2012, (accessed: 15th March 2013)



17 Replies to “Mamee Chef Instant Noodle Creamy Tom Yam Flavour

  1. suituapui

    Sure would wanna try. A little msg will not kill anyone lah… Just don’t eat it every day, every meal…like those uni/college kids. I’d want a poached egg in my instant noodles though… Hehehehe!!!!

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ooo, very interesting. maggi and mamee were my comfort food throughout primary and secondary school, and also during university. i haven’t had instant noodles in a very long time, but i should check out this mamee chef spread. there probably will be a flavor i can fall in love with 😀

    • sycookies

      I’ve only recently getting back to the local brand. I use to HATE them during uni..hmm, or not…I don’t know…it was a love-hate relationship. Hahaha..but yea, by far the best tomyam flavour I’ve had.

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