Big Hug is one of the latest additions the proliferating trend of gourmet burgers. Big Hug not only serves burgers as well as common sides, but they munificently serve heartwarming hugs as well.


1.BigHug (40)


The walls are artistically embellished with creativity while light snacks which bring back lovely childhood memories for most of us are generously grouped at one corner of the shop right next to the self serviced drink stand. This would come in real handy when there is a long line ahead, especially the hungry younger ones with lower tolerance in patience.


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Burgers are eminently recognized by the soft and fluffy bun, patties and various toppings and sauces. The Big Hug Burgers live up to meet the standard in certain aspects if not all. Note that their ingredients are really fresh. big hug (9)


The recent review gave me the opportunity to try most of their burger and apart from the inconsistency of those that came from anything with whole chicken thigh in it, the rest are okay. Starting with the very difficult to be identified Grilled Lamb Burger, those with least favourite to lamb would be please to devour this for RM 20 per set with fries and bottomless soft drinks. lamb (4)


Available in three choices of bun, the burger comes with a plump grilled lamb patty, roasted cherry tomato, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, gherkins, and fresh lettuce. The caramelized onion is my least favourite. It was dulcified to overpower everything else in the burger. lamb (1)


The Crispy Fish Burger is almost everyone’s favourite at RM 18per set. Serves with a crispy fish fillet which is so crispy it’ll hurt your palatum if not careful! No hogging down your burger with this one. Don’t forget the cheddar cheese, roasted garlic aioli tomato slices, and fresh lettuce. fish (1)
7.1.bigh-crispy fish


Another seafood choice is the Grilled Salmon Burger set at RM 20. With standardized sizes of grilled salmon fillet for consistency on top of roasted cherry tomato, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and fresh lettuce.


8.bighug-salmon burger (2)
9.bighug-salmon burger (3)


Once again, the caramelized onion totally conquest the flavour from salmon but having salmon slices inside a burger do have quite a brilliant texture when gnawing it. Great for those who is not up for anything too heavy.


10.bighug-salmon burger (6)


While for those who eats plenty, there is the Big Hug Burger which is a jumbo sized burger with sesame bun only. This combo of crispy chicken chop, cheddar cheese, tomato slices, onion, pineapple slices, tomato slices and fresh lettuce is perfect for sharing. big hug (13)


The giant burger sized close to three quarter of an A4 paper. big hug (11)


There have been recent debates as to the chicken was badly prepared with very little meat and lots of batter. I supposed the chicken thigh were not consistently fried in such a way where the meat is nicely unfolded and spread evenly for an all round up meat from all sides when biting into the burger. It was relatively fine this time around.


13.bigh-the big hug (2)


Cheesy Chicken Burger is this other burger which does not fall short when comparing to the Big Hug Burger. This combo of crispy chicken chop, ham, fried egg, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, nachos cheese, tomato slices and fresh lettuce sells at RM 26 per set.


14.bigh- chessy chicken (8)
15.bigh- chessy chicken (9)


The big hug insists on using the best ingredients they can afford. Daily picked fresh ingredients and buns that are baked twice a day. The open kitchen shows off their skilled staffs and one thing which is a guarantee would be the cleanliness of this place.




The most authentic and simple burger is probably the Grilled Burger with option of either grilled beef or grilled chicken patty, roasted cherry tomato, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and fresh lettuce. chicken (2)
18.big hug- grilled beef


The Mario’s Chicken Burger is one that I find a little juicier than the rest thanks to the roasted cherry tomatoes. There is the grilled chicken patty, sautéed shitake mushroom, roasted cherry tomato, caramelized onion, roasted garlic aioli, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and fresh lettuce for RM 21 per set.



Once again, caramelized onion wasn’t that great and a little too sweet for me. I would probably ask to remove the onions the next time I return. The shitake mushrooms gave a relatively bad masticating texture because they were rather thick, much to my dislike. Then again, palate can be quite subjective at times.



Definitely lots of cheese. Replace to chicken patty with beef patty and you’ll have the Mario Beef Burger .




Lastly, a bit of sweet tangy and juicier bites, there is the Honolulu Chicken Burger (RM 21per set). On top of the grilled chicken patty, there is the roasted cherry tomato, grilled pineapple ring, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, and the key to moist; some bolognese sauce. It would be even better for the texture if the pineapple is a little riper. Chicken (3)


There are others like the Swedish Meat Balls (RM 16 per set) for those who maybe not up for burgers perhaps. The sauce is great and many would definitely compare this to those of IKEA café. Except the Big Hug takes pride in the high quality jam.


23.BigHug (25)


The side orders include French Fries (RM 7), Cheesy Wedges (RM 7) and Onion Rings (RM 6). Other than the onion ring slightly a little greasy, the wedges are delicious. Using russet potatoes for their fries, I like them thick with delectable texture. french fries


The sauces were impressively made from scratch and some really prevails to linger a little longer in your memory. mint, monster mayo, garlic aioli, pink lady-Front-nacho cheese, just mayo, seafood mayo

(Back row: mayo mint, monster mayo, garlic aioli, pink lady. Front row: nacho cheese, just mayo, seafood mayo)


The set menu comes with fries and free flow soft drinks, and add RM 2 to upgrading the soft drinks to fresh fruit juice. There are also coffee and tea for those caffeine fan.




The concept and the shop interior are beautiful. According to the charitable owner, she loves providing a place for students to hang.


29.BigHug (37)


Thank Aidelle for the food, and hopefully the Big Hug would be able to strive for the best. It was lovely meeting her in person, and I am delighted to meet other bloggers.


31.BigHug (41)


Lastly, let’s not forget to thank the man behind the success of this food tasting session. People normally warn me not to put their photos in my blog. He on the other hand, insisted that I remember to include this photo. Here is Jackson, a true foodie with passion of food. Thank Foodirector for organizing this. big hug


Grab your burger and your free hug at :
CT-G-03, Subang Square Corporate Tower,
Jalan SS15/4G, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone:03-5613 4788


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