Genius to be opening the third outlet at the Paradigm mall, D’italiane is performing well so far with the availability of parking bay at the mall, and very beautiful interior furniture.




The seats are nicely arranged with many choices of sofa, high chairs, cushion stools and others to provide more options for dinners. There are indoor dining and outdoor for smokers or if you just enjoy natural breezes.




The Prawn Avocado makes a great starter at Rm 19 with delicious leafs in very thoughtful sizes making eating very easy and comfortable. It would be nice if there is more avocado in it. Mainly because I really love avocado, and also don’t forget the vinegar in the balsamic dressing that is absolutely appetizing.



When eating salads for mains, toss in some meat source and viola, something healthy and delicious for the main course. The Sicilian Chicken serves at RM 26. This one has lovely grapes and once again, in thoughtful bite sizes.



The pastas got a texture that is rather palatable and hopefully consistent all the time. The Crab asparagus and sun dried tomato serves at RM36 and I thought the flavour was okay, but nothing impressively amazing but yet being able to meet the satisfactory level. Angel hair with those fried garlic slices and sun dried tomatoes are just the stunning addition to this dish.



Carbonara Pasta did great with the choices of ingredient and amount. I was afraid it would be too thick and rich but good thing they are not cloyingly too creamy. Probably because we all shared the mains so everything is consumed in small portion.



Also great for sharing would be their pizzas. Prepared in the authentic wood fired oven, both the Il Classico is great and sells at RM 28. Lovely crust with moderately generous toppings just nice to savour the different combination of ingredients for each pizzas. The taste of capsicum and fresh mushroom is great with the cheese.



If you like a stronger flavour instead of just the usual cheese and tomato paste, the Smoked Duck Pizza would be delectably perfect. Smoke duck is always perfect with almost everything. And on this, it was fabulous although I can’t be too sure if they smoked their own duck. The smoked duck pizza sells at RM 36. Take note that the wood fire oven is only applicable to this outlet in Paradigm Mall.



The Apple and Pecan Strudel with Vanilla Ice Cream is deliciously sweet but not too relenting dulcified thanks to the vanilla ice cream. Selling at Rm19, the strudels are soft and the pecan contributes to a great buttery flavour and apple would is sweet with very mild sour hence making this dish irresistibly unstoppable when digging in.



With a great bar and lovely interior that is superbly cosy to hang out and have that long dinner with lots of laughter and joy with few awesome friends, there is also an extensive choice of beverage menu. from teas to cocktails and mocktails to fruit juices. Here is Christine’s Hair of the Dog That Bite Me at RM 15.



A cup of hot tea after dinner is and will always be really comforting. The Earl Grey Classic Tea sells at RM 9.



And as usual, food is great with awesome friends. And food taste best when shared too. Thank the lovely bunch who I refer to as the “sony pdq gang”. Love you guys and thanks for being awesome.


D’italiane Kitchen is located at :
GB 03A & 05, Level G,
Paradigm Mall,
No 1, Jalan SS7/26 A,
Kelana Jaya.
Tel: 03-7802 8968;
03-6148 1828 — Sunway Giza,
03-7956 3684 — Jaya 33
Business hours: 10.00am to 11.00pm on weekdays,
10.00am to midnight on weekends


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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    mmmm, the crab linguine looks tempting, with all that white, creamy crustacean flesh strewn on top. i haven’t tried this branch of d’italiane yet, but it looks like it would be a safe bet for a nice friday night of wining and dining 😀

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