Qbean is this dessert shop with mostly soya flavoured ice cream as well as the bubble tea series with soy milk in it. For once, I thought this was simply a disastrous as their bubble series were nowhere near any other popular pearl and bubble tea brands. The fact that those brands manages to sell themselves so well and thus setting a really high benchmark to the bubble tea with the sustaining current flavours as well as the constantly introduced seasonal flavours every now and then, it would be relatively difficult for them to actually sell for one to crave for it.


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Not unless if you are a fan of soy milk or for some specific reason having any unique obsession towards soy milk, then I really don’t see how or why anyone would find their way to the shop for a cup of those bubble soy milk. It is quite interesting to see the flavours and I should probably give them the benefit of doubt as they have exciting and unimaginable mixture of flavours like the green tea soy milk, almond soymilk or flavour like the honey dew soy milk.


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I landed myself with the soy ice cream, which disappointingly shuts me off this thing forevermore. Selling at a fair price of RM 4.50 with some toppings of your choice, I thought this reminds me a little like the Mc Donald’s vanilla sundae cone. Except that this is served in cup.


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The moment I started putting them into my mouth and as the ice cream touches my tongue, the texture was soft and real smooth. And as it melts and linger a little longer, the flavour kept roaming off within seconds. It tasted mildly soy but blandly sweet. Simpler way to describe would be insipid.


@soy ice cream RM 3 @ qbean


I guess the Qbean might have to try a little harder with the branding and marketing and hopefully it reaches more soy milk fans.


Find them at IOI mall Puchong at :
G18E, Ground Floor,
IOI Mall, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
9th Mile off Jalan Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Website: http://qbean.my/
Operating Hours:Daily : 10.00am – 10.00pm


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  1. C H I Q E S S

    I guess some would go for QBean if they are lactose intolerant?
    I’ve tried the original soybean they had (I don’t quite like the flavors too fancy) and I think it tasted OK albeit not the best. Pretty exp for a cup though.

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