Offering relaxing lounges and wide selection of cocktails and beer cocktails, astounding mix of flavours with a medley zest and an extensive menu with choices of selection for communal eating as well as individual orders in Chapter One, this becomes divine lounging area. Also engage with their live bands every night while indulging in a drink or two. With a podium, pool table, and some couches, the Chapter One still manages to squeeze some bar tables and stools, as well as comfortable seats, be it to enjoy a drink or two or to enjoy a meal.


17.Chapter one- (50)


Even though the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase is not active but the palate is still functioning well to rank my favourite mix of the night. The winner is the Irish Car Bomb which in case anyone is clueless, is the Guinness mix with Bailey’s cream and Irish whisky. bomb


The Bailey’s being the first Irish cream introduced in the 70s is probably the key component to the outcome of this. Once the “bomb” was dropped into a half pint of stout, it instantly transformed what was originally coarsely malt into this velvety smooth and rich creamy textured maltiness. Cream curdles when meeting acid, making it impossible to sip this leisurely. Hence one might consider sharing if a pint is too heavy.


2.Chapter one- Irish Car Bomb- Guinness, Irish Whiskey, Bailey’s (5)


Something else for the stroll would be their beer cocktails and cocktails promotion. Pick two choices of Beer Cocktail at RM 45 or choices of three cocktails at RM 60. Here is the Lunch Box (Lager, Orange, Amaretto Disorono), Strawberry Daiquiri (which did not appeal to me thanks to the overpowering Bacardi Carta Blanc to Crème De Fraise and Lime Squeeze), Sex on the Beach (Skyy Original, Peach, Cranberry, Orange) and the Snake Bite Black Pint (Strongbow Apple Cider, Lager, Blackcurrant).




Fermenting at lower temperature, the composition is distinctively distinguishable with the clearer colour. On the other hand, the Strongbow mojito tasted slightly fresher than lager. The after taste certainly roamed a little longer.


Chapter one- Lunch Box- Lager, Orange, Amaretto Disorono (1)
5.Chapter one- Snake Bite White Pint-strongbow mojito (1)


Guinness lover would adore the Poor Man’s Black Velvet which evidently consists of Guinness Draught, White Wine and Club Soda.


6.Chapter one- Poor Man’s Black Velvet- Guinness Draught, White Wine, Club Soda


Pair all that with bites of juicy and succulent pieces of Crispy Pork Ribs. These deeply marinade and flavourful deep fried pork ribs with fermented bean curd, and served with sweet and sour homemade Thai chili sauce would get you polishing each rib to sparkle in the end. The Pork Meatball is slightly underwhelming when compared to the pork ribs, but a better choice that would make you look more elegant if you are ever on a date.


7.Chapter one- Crispy Pork Ribs RM 15- Deep Fried Pork Ribs with fermented bean curd, served with sweet and sour homemade Thai chili sauce
8.Chapter one- (27)


Their Sliced beef is another fair deal pricing at RM 18 with grilled Angus beef slices served on top of Kailan and accompanied by Japanese soya sauce topped with Wasabi. The clean and pure Wasabi flavour was a memorable one. A very clever choice of condiment to pair with the otherwise ordinary beef slices.


9.Chapter one- Chapter One Sliced beef RM 18- Grilled Angus Beef with Japanese soya sauce topped with Wasabi (2) (47)


With the growing trends of gourmet burger joints, the Classic pork burger becomes ordinary. Selling at RM 28, dinners get a 200g pure minced pork burger patty with melted cheese, sautéed onion, mushroom and potato crinkled cut fries.


10.Chapter one- Classic pork burger RM 28- Pan seared 200g pure minced pork burger patty with melted cheese, sautéed onion, mushroom and potato fries (1)


Braised lamb shank sells reasonably at RM 38. Claimed to have 8 hours slow braised whole lamb shank in spicy paprika, and served with some grilled vegetable and potato mashed, I find the lamb a little tough and least to my liking.


11.Chapter one- Braised lamb shank RM 38.-8 hours slow braised whole lamb shank in spicy paprika, served with ---vegetable and potato mashed (3)


The Pasta range didn’t quite do them great justice but adequate to grant delight to hunger. Pork Meatball Pasta in Tomato Sauce would perpetually keep you digging in thanks to the appetizing savoury sweet tangy flavour from the tomato.


12.Chapter one- Pork meatball pasta RM 20 in tomato sauce (1)


Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta is one exigent dish in pasta. If done correctly would be breathtakingly mind blowing. The simpler it is, the more challenging it is. While the seafood in this is relatively good, the texture and flavour did appear to fall short from perfect.


13.Chapter one- Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta RM 23- cooked with olive oil and white wine


The creamy Spaghetti Carbonara(RM 18) with streaky bacon and wild mushroom didn’t manage to get me lingering around it as I prefer mine slightly thicker and more flavourful.


14.Chapter one- Spaghetti carbonara RM 18 with creamy streaky bacon and wild mushroom (1)


Something lighter for smaller appetite would be the Pan Seared Black Bass at RM 26. Served with a slice of pan seared black bass fillet with seasonal vegetable, and colourfully garnished with red pepper coulis, this would be great if indeed accomplice with sautéed potato Lyonnais as per described on the menu. Instead, it was replaced with crinkled cut fries.


15.Chapter one- Pan seared black bass RM 26- pan seared black bass fillet with seasonal vegetable, sautéed potato Lyonnais and red pepper coulis (1)


Something even lighter and healthier is the Chapter One Seafood Salad. It comes with a generous amount of prawn, mussels, cuttlefish, onion rings, croutons, and cherry tomatoes served atop a medley of green and red leaf lettuce, and garnished with grated carrots and homemade Thousand Island dressing.


16.Chapter one- seafood Salad RM 12- Prawn, Mussels, Cuttlefish, Onion Rings, croutons, and cherry tomato serve with homemade Thousand Island dressing (2)


Caved within Desa Sri Hartamas, parking is always tedious but fear not because Chapter One provides free jockey service. Something to look for when considering the venue.


18.Chapter one-


The Chapter One is located at:
No. 70 & 72, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur 50480
Tel: +6 03 – 6211 7484


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