Having always been in love and accustomed to the Korean food, and not having many authentic Korean restaurants apart from the BBQ restaurants means any Korean food would have to come from the Korean friends and relatives. Which is why, the SeoulScape becomes a good spot for those in desire for authentic Korean food but not the BBQ.


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Beautifully decorated with matching elements filled with KPOP frenzy, this place somewhat fragmented certain culture of Seoul and explicitly attracts fan of kpop or k-culture. Dazzling graffiti leads the way to the cozy bistro at the first floor.


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Started off with the부대찌개(Budae J j I gae), something you don’t get in most restaurants around town even though this stew is really popular in South Korea. This dish incorporates surpluses from American army during after the Korean War and till present has been acquired as a part of the Korean culture. So there are no surprises to see ingredients like sausages and hams being incorporated into traditional spicy soup.


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Also in this one is some tofu and mushrooms as well as some vegetables. And since the level of spiciness varies from individuals, the chili can always be doubled the amount. Cooking time takes about 10 minutes or so and this is when we spend some quality time over the dining table. This one is suitable for sharing and selling at RM45 (with 4 rice and 2 noodles) or RM30 (with 2 bowls of rice and 1 noodle).


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Or dig in to the제육볶음 (Jeyuk Bokkeum) or 돼 지 갈 비 (Dwaeji Galbi) each selling at RM 18 respectively. The first is stirred fried pork with homemade thich chili paste sauce and the latter a milder flavoured marinated pork in Korean soy sauce.


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Next is the 즉석떡뽁이 (Jeuksuk Ddeokbokki), it brings lots of comfort and I dare say it is a good rice cake. Jeuksuk Ddeokbokki literally translates to instant rice cakes. Serving authentically in hot pot style, on top of a portable gas stove and cooked right at the dining table, the rice cakes were marvelously fully penetrated with taste not to mention we had extra gochujang (spicy red bean paste) added to it. For those who prefer milder flavour, you can always adjust it with lesser gochujang.


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The ramen added to this is perfect in texture when combined nicely with rice cake. It gives the very chewy and stringy texture but I normally like cooking the ramen al dente separately prior rather than cooking it directly in the pot. Good thing is the rest of them eats it fast we over cook the noodles.


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At the end, add in white rice to stir and wipe up all the remaining in the pot. It was delicious and avoiding wastage at the same time. Selling at Rm45 (with 4 rice and 2 noodles) or Rm30 (with 2 bowls of rice and 1 noodle), they are obviously also strictly for sharing.


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What is eating authentic Korean food without반찬(ban chan). Three side dishes comes with and meal and although they aren’t the best side dishes, but I do enjoy their kimchi.


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Speaking of kimchi, if you are not up for communal eating there is ala carte meals and the best representative to authentic Korean dishes in none other than the김치 찌개(kimchi stew). Selling at RM 20, the empowering rice cake flavour mixed inside the kimchi stew did not impress me but the portion of this stew is delicately perfect for one.


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The effort from the owner/chef is unquestionably admirable. Their dishes are filled with effort if not 100 percent to the palate satisfaction. You can pass the dessert crackers but indulge in the Yakso selling at RM 50 for 10 shots (or RM 40 per bottle).


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Enjoy good food, accompanied by latest KPOP music video playing on endless loop at the large projected LCD screen, and relax with a drink or two after meal.


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The Seoulscape Bistro is located at:
No 18-1, Jln PJU 5/20B,
The Strand Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-61480320
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seoulscape


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  1. Slouching Somewhere

    Love Korean food as well (I just blogged about it too!). And this resto in your part of the world looks great–love the graffiti! The food also looks delicious, I love how you put white rice into the pot to scrape every last bit of goodness 🙂

    • sycookies

      And when we consume this in a big group, food tasted better. These graffiti on walls are getting popular to capture the interests of younger generation. Something fresh and it has been a trend here for a while now. More cafes and eateries are decorating and selling ambiance as well. It’s good to know you like Korean food too! I’ll read up your post about it.

  2. Drops of Contentment

    Love the doodlings on the wall! Was looking out for the bulgogi (which is our fave Korean dish) but you didn’t have any? Adding the noodles, then the rice to the stew is such a great idea.. no wastage!

  3. Ciana

    I’m not a big fan of Korean food either, but kimchi and bibambap surely take the cake. =)

    Kimchi stew? That’d be tooooo spicy for me…

    • sycookies

      Hmm, Korean food to some extend is not widely acceptable to many mainly due to the spicy flavour and the pungent taste of garlic and spice in most of the dishes.

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