Once again, checking out the local McDonalds is a must whenever travelling in any country. In Manila, the McDonald restaurant sells pretty interesting stuff which doesn’t really explain much or showcase the pull factor in a burger fast food chain. What we have here is the Mc Spaghetti and Mc FriedChicken which tasted pretty similar to our Ayam Goreng McD. Chicken, wraps, and foldovers are still bearable to some extend but spaghetti? At least it is called Mc Spaghetti.
Mc Spaghetti @ Manila
I honestly didn’t like the idea of the use of Styrofoam when serving but I guess it makes the serving looking neat. The packaging is still Styrofoam no matter taking out or dining in. The spaghetti was far from al dente but the portion was good to go with the fried chicken and still leave a bit of space for desserts.
manila mc spagethi (1)
Speaking of desserts, the Happy Meal here comes with more happiness.

buy happy meal get sundae bowl

Every Mc Donalds everywhere is always full of surprises. I remembered the Mc Cookie , and the Mc Lamb . I look forward to experiencing more McD specialties from everywhere else.
I’m Lovin It!
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9 Replies to “Mc Spaghetti @ McDonald's

  1. Kelvin Tan

    Heard of that McSpaghetti not long before your post here.
    I wonder, can a fast food outlet produce a nice Spaghetti that’s as enticing as a fine dining restaurant? I would say surely not.
    But judging from the pic, it’s main is still the fried chicken that comes with the spaghetti

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