Restaurant Yu Kee Bah Kut Teh is one of the first few Bah Kut Teh (BKT) shops in the SS 14 Subang Jaya area. Having had the fast food reputation all these while, the serving time is consistently below five minutes.


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That is great for speedy lunch if you have to rush. The last I visited them was about three years back and returning to them recently was quite some disappointment. The soup is no longer thick and with herbs and spices just brackish and mildly aromatic.


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Their meats are fresh, making it succulently delicious but the staffs were under trained to deliver the best of their dishes. When ordered an additional vegetable, it was mistaken as adding vegetables to the BKT. Thus, instead of BKT and vegetable, I get the BKT with vegetable in it. #unacceptable


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The white rice was pleasantly fluffy and I truly appreciate them serving this fragrant rice. I do prefer yam rice, but they were out when I visited.


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There is nothing on the beverage list that has no sugar in it unless Tea in pots. To cool off the heat, we went with the Herbal tea.


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Restaurant Yu Kee Bah Kut Teh is very well maintained all this while and that is easily observable from the hygiene and cleanliness of the shop.


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The Yu Kee Bah Kut Teh is located at:
54A, Jalan SS 14/2, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.


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