When reviewing a pizza place recently, Kyrina of Chewies Delight showed me how homemade cakes can look so delicate and at the same time tasted amazing. Upon handed over, it took me a few seconds to come to realised it was lollipop cakes I was holding and that instantly bring out the child in anyone that is looking at it.


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Everything is edible with the stick as acceptation and because it was so pretty and fine on the outside, I was contemplating to pop it right into my mouth if it weren’t for the sake of photographing the cross section. Enclosed smoothly on the outside with coarse sugar coat to decorate is the fondue while inside was moist and flavourful.


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On the other hand, the cupcakes were impressive as well. I am not a huge fan of anything too sweet but any sweet indulgence I really wouldn’t mind. And this is one of those that I enjoyed very much. The cake itself was airy enough yet moist and what sends this to a next level is the beautiful decorative cream on top.


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Fan of cakes and dessert would adore this and if not a fan would still enjoy this very much. Kyrina (KC) certainly is talented and her passion and patience were absolutely admirable.


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Chewies Delight bakes for all occasion and apart of designer cakes and cupcakes, they have cookies to offer as well. Get in touch with Chewies Delight:


Kyrina (KC) 013-6410818
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChewiesDelight


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