Being a food blogger is definitely a lot of fun but I can assure you cooking is more fun than eating. Experimenting the flaovurs and how mix and matching each ingredient can come up with all sorts of surprises is one process I can never get bored with. A great cook would have spent many laborious hours on finding ways to exploit fascinating creation from various cuisines. At the very end, good food comes from good recipe via fresh ingredients.


Unless if you get to pick straight from your garden, there is no way we’ll get fresh ingredients. However, we can always try to find something as fresh as possible. The market is a good place but how many of us actually have the time to visit the market every now and then? Solution to most people is probably the nearest supermarket. I like going my groceries in hypermarkets since I can as well do my household shopping at the same time. Tesco hypermarket is probably one of the few of my favourite. But the nearest to me is at the curve and the good ones are normally gone by the time I am off work. Tesco recently started the online shopping and I went ahead and gave it a try and I absolutely love it.




Not having to travel, and going through the hassle to load and unload instead receiving my groceries at my doorstep is a wonderful thing. The only difficult part is probably picking your items into your shopping cart. There were so many of different sizes and prices for comparison only because the site was too complete with all the product listing and thus making shopping slightly difficult. But that happens for a few times then following orders would be much simpler. Here is a step by step to getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep.


First, sign up and browse through the items which have been categorized respectively.




Pick your items and fill up your trolley,




And here is the awesome part. Select your delivery day and time. (10am-10pm daily)




Lastly, checkout by selecting a payment method. Only credit cards are acceptable at the moment but I certainly hope they would have more mode of online payment in the near future.




A summary with order number is then confirmed and I did not wait on my allocated delivery time frame. This nice uncle arrive within the first 15 minutes of the 2hour allocation. It did cross my mind that they would take some time since allocated delivery period is 2 hours. But the efficiency surprises me.


7.tesco (1)


Goods were all nicely packed and delivered under preserving temperature for freshness. My groceries are all chilled when they arrived at my doorstep. Absolutely love that as I am the kind of shopper that will bring a chiller bag for my yogurt when I go grocery shopping.


8.tesco (2)
9.tesco (7)


In case if you are wondering about expire date since you don’t get to pick your own items (cause that was one of my concern), they were fairly fair when it comes to this.


10.tesco (5)


And if any product is out of stock, the closest (ie different flavour / brand) would be delivered in a different plastic and is optional if you still want them.


11.tesco (6)


Upon checking and paying upon receiving the groceries with the credit card (tesco uncle carries a credit card machine with him), receipt would be provided and I get to enjoy the on promotion as well. Tesco club points are accumulated upon checking out online and marvel stickers were included accordingly purchased entitlement.




Shopping cart would be recorded so on the next ordering, picking the items from the many products would be less tedious. Browsing was not difficult as well. Promo items were all listed under the same tab so you’d save a bit more looking at all the promotional items at one go.


Of course they’ve yet to have everything but the essentials are all pretty much available. I know I couldn’t find laundry bag. Maybe no one buys laundry bags online? LOL.


Click to start shopping.

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