Starting April 18th, Chicago Rib House is all set and ready to serve fellow mothers in conjunction with the Mother’s Day Celebration this year. Our mum offers unconditional love while nurturing us with lots of patience and perseverance. For that, a great way to celebrate this Mother’s Day is the 3 course meal at the Chicago Rib House.


Starter offers choices of light, bite sizes of house signature dishes. Pigs in Blanket was served at lovely cocktail sizes of mini sausages wrapped with bacon, and served with their signature Bourbon sauce. Sauce was amazing on top of the outstanding sausages.


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Also in the starter is the option of Potato Skins served with fresh lettuce and amazing Ranch Dressing. Potato skin topped with melted cheese, chives and bacon bites was an outstanding serving of appetizer, with a great mix of textures and flavours.


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The last choice of starter would be the signature Beer Battered Fried Mushroom for anyone who likes a crunchy start in a meal. The coat of batter might be a little thick but some might enjoy it.


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The main course serves with 2 sides and the range of sides were almost the scene stealer if not for the mains. Taking pride with their ribs, the mains were served with 3 racks of baby back rib each with individual flavours hence the name Trio of Ribs. There were Original BBQ, Honey Garlic, and the Bourbon Sauce. As always, the ribs were amazingly moist and each rib tears with almost no effort required.


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Another option of main would be the Norwegian Salmon and Shrimp in Caper Sauce. Absolutely love the shrimp in caper sauce with the plump slice of salmon. I would so appreciate if salmon is not over cooked.


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The sides showcase a good range of salad, coleslaw, mashed potato, corn, and beer battered fries. The main with 2 sides are all huge and generous, mums would give a huge smile on their faces.




Desserts offer a pick of either the Chocolate Sundae or Banana Split. The only thing which separates the two is the addition of banana to the later. Their ice creams are served with rich sprinkles of almond flakes and hot chocolate fudge.


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This Mother’s Day 3 course meal is priced at RM 59.90. Follow them of facebook for more promo, and this review took place at the Chicago Rib House at:


Lot F346, First Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Persiaran Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm daily.
Tel: 03-7727 3210
Fax: 03-7722 5610


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