When flying, it is crucially important to feel comfortable throughout the entire flight. Especially when flying long haul, airline meals play a big part to provide comfort and relaxing flight. People travel for many different reasons, be it business or leisure visits. Whatever reasons it is, a plane takes us from one place to another all around the globe to anywhere we need to be.


Airline meals normally consist of basic ingredient which typically includes meat, fish, vegetables and some few selections of pastries and bakeries. The type of food served varies depending on the Airline Company and class of travel. These meals are normally served on tray or in multiple courses without tray but on table cloth, with cutlery and glassware.


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The first kitchens preparing meals on board were established by the United Airlines back in 1936 in Oakland (Pacific Island Travel, 2007). Since then with the need to provide superior services and meals, airlines cater fresh and on board kitchen to serve better meals.


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An insight of what is going on at our very own Malaysia Airline on board caterer. Training are constantly provided from time to time to ensure the best service for passengers. A simple prep of breakfast demonstrates the standard and quality of their meals served.


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When flying first class, things could be much more sophisticated but simple things like scrambled eggs and sausages with toasted bread slices are freshly prepared on board.


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At least, I am much convinced with the quality and services of Malaysia Airlines as the finest has already been served at their capability.


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Alas, someone has got to finish those food and simple breakfast is always enjoyable when surrounded by cheerful faces* and polite cabin crews.


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*photos were edited to protect the crews’ identity.


Take note that most and almost all airlines including the Malaysian Airlines offer meals for almost everyone with distinctive diets. It would make things simpler if meals of restrictive diet to be ordered in advance when purchasing the ticket. Common examples including medical diets for those sensitive and allergic to certain food like the peanuts, or lactose and gluten etc. Other includes the religious diet or vegetarian.


Explore their website for more travel advisory and deals at their Homepage .
Note: The recent incident on MH 370 was something terribly devastating and despite having all theories and counterclaims, the plane is still missing. While this mystery is on going and putting aside the recent incident; this post is solely a thought on the quality of food and services provided. Our hearts are with you #MH370


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  1. Waco

    Looks like they are promoting their on-board meal after someone complaining about their nasi lemak. Sometimes I feel that the crews are always doing their best to provide the best service to passengers, just that management screwed everything up. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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