The pop ups of recent food trucks around ss15 has been nothing but more than another upcoming trend that eventually benefits foodies and youngsters in the hipster community. The latest I’ve checked out was the humble and friendly food truck with the chefs doubling as waiters as well. Thou there weren’t any proper dining tables instead just a couple of stools, people are still stopping by perpetually for take outs. Served with plastic containers and disposable cutleries, it made taking away purchases really easy and quick on the go. famiglia pasta truck (11)


The menu was dull when it comes to variety but is absolutely great that they are focusing on only one and making it their forte instead of juggling with too many and messing it up. Selling only pasta, La Famiglia showed tons of passion and dedication to their pastas. Selling the pastas within price range of Rm6.50 and Rm 8, I certainly do hope for more choices, but the existing ones were absolutely good and sufficient. Gambino Olio (RM 6.50) has got some really fresh seafood and a generous and serious dose of ground black pepper seasoning and olive oil. famiglia pasta truck -Gambino Olio (1)


A milder and more pleasant palate which appeals to the crowd would be the Genovese Carbonara (RM6.50).Tender pillows of pasta stuffed with homemade creamy sauce of garlic topped with marinated chicken slices, somewhat generally acceptable by the crowd. Cold pasta also available with spiral pasta and small chunks of pleasant addition of chili peppers for those who like pasta as salad. Colombo Pasta Salad (RM 6.50) serves with sweet combination of olive oil & vinegar with spiral pasta, capsicum, tomato cherry, onion and cucumber topped with parmesan cheese. I’d like it with more parmesan but I guess we can always ask for a bit of extra toppings. famiglia pasta truck -Genovese Carbonara (RM6.50) famiglia pasta truck -Colombo Pasta Salad (3)


Lucchese Tuna Pesto (RM 6.50) was my favourite since I love basil, but pesto obviously isn’t a common favourite for a lot of people. Blending rich pesto sauce with chunks of juicy tuna, and a blend of gorgeous olive oil, making this very lovely flavourful. famiglia pasta truck -Lucchese Tuna Pesto (1) famiglia pasta truck -Lucchese Tuna Pesto (4)


Their pastas might not have been Al Dante but was understandable for them to make it softer to accommodate to the majority. Because pasta isn’t our main source of food in Malaysia, the locals adapted and prefers softer pasta for it seemed more cooked compared to if it was Al Dante. Also worthy of applaud is the use of good ingredients despite operating from by the street. famiglia pasta truck (18)
If pasta is not your thing, they have some good sharing snacks like wedges. Crispy on the outside and deliciously addictive. Sodas are available but was sold out by the time I got there.


Seats might have been really limited but it was really enjoyable dining by the street and being served by the really nice staffs you can easily chat with. There’ll be a little congestion along the street and some challenges with parking bay but it wasn’t too challenging when approaching night time. famiglia pasta truck (2)


Spot this mobile food truck at SS 15 during night time (near Espresso Lab) and follow them on their social media. Contact them at:


Operation director, Danial Marizd at 011-128 11725
GPS location: 3.074181,101.587013


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