Sticky rice is that delightful concoction that can be found accompanying many Asian dishes most often seen in Thai or Indonesian main courses. This delicacy is most commonly known as sweet glutinous rice in Thai cuisine as dessert. The recent mango season obviously got my palate so very spoiled with lovely apple mangoes. Apple mangoes have always been my favourite type of mango and having our own mango tree means unlimited supply of these lovely fruit.


Apart from eating the fruits as it is, there is so much we can do in the kitchen with this lovely honey sweet ingredient. From smoothies, to cakes, and puddings to popsicles, I get to let the creativity run wild and experiment many interesting recipes. Keep following my posts and I’ll share them soon but first, a good and simple dessert recipe today for those who love mango in dessert.




The combination of glutinous rice and rich creamy texture from coconut milk was perfect to match with refreshing sweetness of the mango fruit. Glutinous rice acquires gluey texture after being cooked and when soaked with the sweet coconut milk, is super delightful as dessert or even a main meal.


3.thai mango


This dessert is super easy and makes a good potluck dish. Explore your preference fruit and rice ratio, I like mine with more fruits. Also try topping it with ice cream or gelato. I tried and it was pretty awesome. thai


Here is how to make this amazing dessert. Start with soaking the rice. Add the water to the rice grains and leave it on the side to soak between 4 hours and overnight for grains to absorb enough water to cook. Do not overcook the rice or it will become mushy. It should be sticky, but not watery, and hold together well.


1.recipe thai mango sticky rice (2)


2 cups glutinous rice
200 ml coconut milk
11/2 tablespoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
Some sesame seed (optional)
Mint leave for garnishing (optional)


1. Soak glutinous rice overnight (or at least 2 hour) with hot water before washing and steaming the rice.
2. Stir coconut milk to simmer on stove, add sugar and salt. Hard coconut milk will curdle.


5.recipe thai mango sticky rice (5)


3. Pour 3quaters coconut milk onto the rice while it’s still hot and let it set aside. Rice would absorb the coconut milk when cool. (Use the remaining quater for when serving the rice)


6.recipe thai mango sticky rice (12)


4. Cut mango in slices or cubes depending on your personal preferences and serve with the cooled rice with remaining topping of coconut milk.


8. thai mango
7.recipe thai mango sticky rice (10)


Tip: rice can be cooked using microwave but need to cut down water by 10 percent to prevent mushy rice.


Enjoy!! I’ll share how to preserve mango fruits soon so keep reading.


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