Probably one of the freshest; if not the best pastry cafe around town and with creampuffs taking center stage, Kee’s Creampuff here is one of the few names that’ll come to mind when it comes to the perfect creampuffs. Taking pride in their fresh ingredients and innovative creativities, they are not only great when it comes to creampuff assortments but at the same time serving creampuffs with no artificial flavouring despite the veritable choices of lip smacking flavours also inevitably becomes their forte. Read about their best selling flavours here


1.kees savoury (11)
2.kees savoury (8)


The flavours obviously refer to the type of fillings and I solemnly swear that this is where creampuff lovers would find creampuffs with super generous and fresh fillings that squirts as soon as you sink your teeth in it. Both pastry and creamy custard filling compliments one another with both light and fluffy texture. Utilizing the rich and fresh custard fillings as base to concoct a lineup of exciting flavours, the assortments of flavours are not only intriguing but at the same time great for various occasions.


3. kees


Their Classics flavour sells at RM 1.60 per piece while the flavoured puffs namely the black sesame, hazel nut, peanut butter, strawberry, durian, blueberry, lemon, coffee (nescafe), chocolate, mocha, green tea, chocolate banana, choco top, and cookies and cream each sells at RM 1.80 per piece. Highly recommended for durian lovers, this probably is your heaven pastry house. Both lemon and choc-banana is my personal pick and the rich fillings inside that hollow round crisp and airy pastry is divinely.




With such promising qualities to deliver from ever since they started operating in Subang Jaya, the second outlet in Bangsar is what I look forward to next. Not only is the freshness and good ingredients being the substantial reasoning to have more creampuffs but Kee’s Creampuff also offers good choice of coffee and tea for that perfect dine in combination. For now, Kee’s Creampuff explore savoury and is selling gougère at RM 5 for 2 pieces.




The perfect ingredient and one of the greatest challenges with this is the pastry. Presenting the lightest, airiest pasty perfect for gougère with the right amount of moist inside which then turned into steam during baking giving that good force of push outwards for the fabulous volume inside is the evident of the skillful pastry chef.


7.kees creampuff


Offering it with the fantastic choice of sour cream, infused with thyme and parsley and added with some turkey ham bits makes it a real treat to this delight. The mix of parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella cheese easily contributes to the amazing aroma and fragrant especially when served toasted hot.


5.kees savoury (3)
6.kees savoury (13)


This new little devil is a killer for sure but the classics and sweet offerings were irresistibly a good and perfect choice for many occasions. Take outs are nicely packed and delivery services are available and custom orders can be arranged accordingly to customers’ needs. Kee’s Creampuffs are Muslim friendly and take note that cakes are also available.


kees creampuff


Kee’s Creampuffs’ HQ is located at Subang Jaya at:
30-G, Jalan USJ 9/5Q,
Subang Business Centre, 47620 Selangor.
GPS: 3.046420, 101.587764
Tel: 0173842813 (Subang) and 0132772748 (Bangsar)


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