After the street food and Japanese flavour in Korea, there is no way you’d skip the malls when visiting Korea but know that the malls are going to be a lot more commercial. Alas, shopping and leisure is part of the modern culture in the city of Korea, so you might want to spend some time just experiencing the local modern activities. The malls are great for younger generations at anytime of the day and are usually the popular hangout spot. Food in malls consist mainly franchises and fast food chains are really popular and more desirable when compared to authentic Korean cuisine. Having said that, if you decided to spend some time at the mall, Korean eateries inside any malls are still decent an delicious.


4.IN MALL (14)


When dining in South Korea, know that the menu are usually simple and clear. This one here simply included the price and know that getting the staff’s attention is necessary and that’s just the local culture. Don’t bother waiting for them to approach you because chances are high that they are probably busy.


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One thing to take note and not be confused when visiting South Korea, is that “Ground Floor” don’t exist instead, is being referred as level one.


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Koreans love kimchi, and even though eating contemporary and trendy food, or even the fast food chains, you’d still experience global menu going local. Here is an example of what’s mostly served in Korean restaurants. Things like the dumpling soup, Korean Stuffed Chicken Soup with ginseng, soups, and tofu soup. Any Korean family easily cooks almost 80% of what they served in restaurants.


13.sundo bu jigae@seoul
11.sundo bu jigae@seoul (3)
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Like I’ve mentioned, the Korean restaurant sells pretty common dishes that are almost similar to those here. Only difference is that the taste would be twice better than the ones we have in Malaysia. I reckon it is mainly because of the ingredients and of course the use of fresher produce. Some ingredients are substituted with ones that are more commonly found in the local market. Here is the Soondubu Jigae and the Su Jae Bi , both are perfect in cold weather (but I whack them back in Malaysia too).


6.sundo bu jigae@seoul (1)
7.sundo bu jigae@seoul (2) jae bee (1)
10.IN MALL (4)


The newer restaurants always have their food plastic replica so you’d survive with any forms of nonverbal communications.


5.IN MALL (15)m


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