The name of the cafe probably trigger everybody’s interest from start but the mysterious part actually gets better when I was searching for it and subconsciously went past the cafe twice without noticing it was even there. How did that happened right? The black facade escapes right past the corner of your eye without any effort, but the lack of proper signage did not hinder a good cup of coffee being served with passion and dexterity.


1.the curious goat


Inside the café shines with warm and cosy lights, paired with a lazy tone of black on the walls with paintings of none other than goats of course, as decor to match its name; the curious goat- most likely related to the Ethiopian goatherd.


2.john ross jr @ the curious goat (1)
3.john ross jr @ the curious goat (4)


With three young owners who double as baristas and waiters, the dedication of Andy Chan, Nathaneal Teoh, and Kevin Lau in bringing the best of their expertise was indeed admirable. And with that concept and precision, their pick of ingredients were meticulous. Things go 86 if they aren’t up to the bar. Hence the best of quality when it comes to ingredients are chosen for their new menu.


4.john ross jr @ the curious goat (7)


Took them two months to decide on this top range salmon imported from Scotland, and one of the best in the world with many top chefs favouring it, the simplicity of it was held at contrast of the amazing flavours from the John Ross Jr’s Smoked Salmon slices. This brand have produced the Scottish smoked salmon in the most authentic way; an old-fashioned kiln smoking methods that give the luscious and rich flavour.


5.john ross jr @ the curious goat (15)


The night’s taste platter showcases the traditional and classic salmon infused with black pepper, Whisky smoked with infused with Balvenie whisky and Tea smoked, infused with Lapsang Souchong tea.


6.john ross jr @ the curious goat (18)
7.john ross jr @ the curious goat (27)


Smoked and packed in UK, they take pride of their freshness and top quality of the fish. With no added preservative, it justifies the intense saltiness from the fish. Nonetheless, it was balanced and compensated well with bread and salad leaves here at the Curious Goat. Presenting the Curious Goat’s Panini, with plump chicken slice with luscious cheese and of course the classic smoked salmon, served with fresh salad.


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Also available on the Curious Goat menu is their dessert, Blonde with good aroma and great taste as well as sweetness that is perfectly paired to a scoop of Häagen daz ice cream. Curious Goat is probably the only few places with blonde on the menu. Kudos to that.


10.john ross jr @ the curious goat (36)


And speaking of that, where there are ice creams and espresso, we know that calls for their Classic Affogato. Double shot of espresso with Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream; strong and contrasting sweetness all in one, I must say the premium ice cream attracted quite a few extra merits.


11.john ross jr @ the curious goat (41)


Relying on Sulawesi Toraja beans, coffee is serious here with nothing too fancy. Flat white, latte, mocha and more; all available and presented with the perfect free pouring art that’ll cheer your day. Kudos to that.


12. curious goat
13.john ross jr @ the curious goat (8)
John Ross Jr Smoked Salmon is available at Ben’s Publika and Jaya Grocer. Click HERE to find out what you can do with these smoked salmon.
Official website:


The Curious Goat (same row as burger byte) is located at:
No 20-1, Jalan PJU 8/3A, Damansara Perdana
47820 , Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7733 7383
GPS: 3.164122, 101.607586


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