Steamboat is forever a great option at anytime of the day, in any sort of weather. Steamboat lovers may have their own criteria when it comes to picking the right steamboat restaurant. The whole idea of steamboat is to gather people around and spend relatively a longer time over the table while bonding over the delicious boiling pot of assorted ingredients. Whatever preferences at any steamboat sessions for steamboat lovers, it will always not sway far from the biggest factor to a good steamboat – the fresh ingredients.


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Having tried almost most of the ingredients here at the Private Kitchen, ingredients are surprisingly fresh with their chef managing the ingredients perfectly at the correct shelve period. They did a fantastic job keeping the ingredients at their best quality so when presented to the diners, are at the most premium condition.


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There aren’t too many choices of these processed meats but what was served were nothing like the ordinary. Frozen processed balls are not only fresh but delightful to be eaten; some have special ingredients in it and was a joy and lots of fun to consume them so long as they don’t burn your tongue when you bite while it’s hot. (Guess whose tongue got burnt here?)


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Choices of proteins, leaf and fungi are vast so there must be something for everyone.


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But to be very honest, those ala carte add ons mentioned above might not even be necessary since the featured steamboat here is the Ding Ding Grill Fish Steamboat. A star dish with an entire fish grilled before being placed in to a tray, submerged in preboiled soup along with some spices and ingredients from the soup, and then served to replace conventional steamboat pot.


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Fish was grilled three quarters cooked one one side before adding to the soup to shorten cooking time at the table. Soup was impressively amazing as it cooks along the way while dinners add and cooked the steamboat ingredients inside the same pot. For a net price of RM 58 (Red Pearl Fish) and three choices of soup base to select, decisions shouldn’t be too tough to segregate them to either hot and spicy or sweet and soourish. This Fragrant Spicy Soup Base give the hinge of fiery sensation especially when boiling hot.


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And something milder crafted to suit the majority, Fresh Tomato and Sweet Corn Soup Base makes the perfect choice since the soup is sweet and appetizing at the same time. Great for those who are not into spicy pot. Submerging in this is lovely mix of ingredients that creates sourish sweet flavour for diners. There are corn, tomato, tofu pok, zuchinni and soy sprout all in one pot with a fish, and beautifully garnished with coriander.


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When cooking takes too long, having add ons like the Claypot chicken will be a wise move so while the steamboat is cooking, sink in to juicy chicken generously infused with flavours from seasonings and spices.


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The private kitchen provides a comfy dining space, with warm lighting and good, cooling ventilation. Adequate space to make dining very pleasurable with a even and sufficient spread of tables with various sizes to accommodate different crowd sizes.


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Ding Ding Grill Fish Steamboat of Private Kitchen is located at:
20 A, Jalan SS 2/10, SS 2,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7874 8399
GPS: 3.115547, 101.616717


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