Bmon Café is one of those tucked-away hidden pearl located at the first floor in the business park at the Kota Damansara, too eclectic to ignore among the immense amount of cafes within this enclave yet bogging standard family café within this proximate. The theme, as the name suggests, is all about the comic character created by Roy, namely Bmon. Guest can enjoy the art work at every corner of the café constructed in such so the environment creates a platform for artists to share and communicate. The amount of attention to detail has gone to the ambiance with cute factor in everything from the comic strips on the wall to the decors and furniture.


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Creating a podium with hang chair at one corner and bean bags and pillows all over the other makes this the faultless spot to host family gatherings of any occasion.


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Serving very homely and heartwarming selection of compositions, fill your hunger with decent approach of simple dishes ranging from All Day Breakfast (RM 16.90) to Wraps served with Fries (RM 12.90). Choose from mushroom, chicken mayo or tuna mayo to suit your palate.


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Also serving sandwiches, you’d find Turkey Ham (RM 14.90), Chicken Mayo (RM 13.90) and Tuna Mayo (RM 13.90) with croissant. And because prices ranged pretty reasonable, these selection would be sustainably popular especially the younger crowd and students.


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Health conscious diners can still opt for what’s most popular amongst vege lover, Fruit Salad and Ceasar Salad (Tuna Mayo or Chicken Mayo) (RM 10.90). Sure it may not come with interesting combination with capers or fancy herbs like arugula, but the salad leaves were inevitably fresh and neat.


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Other substantial items on the menu includes pizza or their very generously portioned of pasta selections. Mushroom Pizza (RM 13.90) and Hawaiian Pizza (RM 13.90) showcases what’s made possible in any kitchen with their simple ingredients. Made fresh to serve upon ordering, this one is a simple quick fix. With such simplicity, expect easy pasta option of either the red or white sauce. Chicken/Beef Bolognese (RM 13.90) instantly satisfy hunger with the hefty portion of spaghetti and that ample coat of sauce and Bolognese toppings. Chicken Mushroom Carbonara (RM 13.90) also guarantee decency that’ll suit mass crowd.


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Selling no more than five each day, Bmon meticulously created what’s called the Hippo in the Pond (RM 14.90). With mashed potato shaped into a hippo like loaf before deep frying with breadcrumbs coating and topped with ham, crab sticks, hardboiled egg and some simple mayo dressing, this is served accompanied by some salad leaves. The “pond” is then filled with the cheese sauce and viola! You’d get the “hippo” bathing in the “pond”!


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Such happy ambiance should not exclude desserts, and with the waffle mania going on in PJ, Bmon showcase their waffles namely Peanut Butter Waffle (RM 7.90) and Ice Cream and Fruits (RM 12.90). Albeit putting together very simple combinations, waffle texture was great. And pairing that with the selling price, it is a curate’s egg. Chocolate Mud with Ice-cream (RM10.00) is where we can witness the creativity and artistic skills from the kitchen crew. Plate was decorated with none other than Bmon himself and served with a scoop of ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and tossed with Kellogg’s corn flakes. Soft chocolate with freezing ice cream and the endless crunch from the cornflakes wasn’t the best combination that attracts my attention but would certainly magnetize any chocolate lovers.




Premium coffee available here at the Bmon Café and I must say this is a lovely place for a cup of joe. However, sorry to disappoint the coffee enthusiast because despite the very pretty free pour and latte art, they still have a big room for improvements. Having said that, their tea and mixes of concoctions is rather impressive.


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Effective December 2014, students get a 10% off


The Bmon Café is located at :
No 8-1, Jalan PJU 5/20B
Kota Damansara 47810
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-6158 9993
GPS: 3.1543085,101.592626


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